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Wolf in Her Soul (Salvation) (Volume 8) - N.J. Walters

Reese was a detective with the Chicago PD. He worked in violent Crime Investigations. Sean was his partner and let him know they had caught another case -Arson and possible murder. Reese was a half breed werewolf but he was three fourths werewolf. He also had a twin named Sage. When he got to the scene Reece knew there was only one way a body could burn so hot without an accelerant here a body could turn to dust so that nothing remained and that was to be a werewolf or a werewolf half breed. Reece was with The Salvation Pack in North Carolina. Reece was an anomaly- a thing of myth and legend . It is rare to be a half breed and have children but his mother had. Then to be a twi was like winning the lottery it was so against the odds that it was thought to be impossible. Reese also had an extra ability that all known half breeds didn't have he could shift into his wolf form. Reece was tired of all the senseless violence and was ready to go home to his brother and pack. When Reece turned eighteen he had a dream that had changed the course of his life. In the dream there was a faceless red headed woman and she was in danger. Reece had this dream over and over and he knew that she would be in Chicago if he found her but he had to try so instead of working in construction or or making furniture with his Uncle Elias Reece went to Chicago it had been ten years and Reece was ready to give up on the dream woman. He had given his PD notice he was leaving Hannah knew someone was following her . She trusted her instincts as that had saved her life more than once But then the coffee shop- Coffee Expressions that Hannah worked at came into view and Hannah felt safe. Hannah hated the crowds and the noise of the big city but her father had told her to stay in city’s as she would be safer. Hannah lived cheap and saved what money she could as she had a dream. If the feeling of being followed persisted Hannah would pack up and leave Chicago like she had been doing all her life. But she didn't really want to leave Hannah liked the people she worked with. When Reece went back to the arson scene a young man came forward and told him that the dude was big like Reece and moved like Reece too, like he was prowling. The man had a dark leather coat and his eyes seemed to glow in the dark. The witness had confirmed Reece's worse fears. The witness was tough by anybody’s measures but he had been afraid of what he had seen. That spoke volumes to Reece. The killer was a werewolf. Reece didn’t know if this was a isolated pack incident between pure werewolves or if the killer was targeting half breeds. Hannah’s father had trained Hannah to defend herself Secrecy and the need for it had been drummed into Hannah’s head since she had been a toddler by her father. Hannah’s father had raised her by himself but when Hannah was eighteen they went their separate ways ad Hannah ahadn’t seen or heard from her father since. Hannah had heightened senses, and abnormal strength and speed. She also needed extra food to function. As Hannah walked to work a couple days after feeling she had been followed she was excited as after today Hannah had two days off to go around and just take pictures which was Hannah’s passion and she was good at it. But then a man stepped in front of Hannah and she knew he was a werewolf and he told her she looked lovely and he even knew her name and then he said it was a pity he had to kill her. He half turned into a wolf and his razor sharp claws tore into Hannah’s skin. He then told Hannah to run but she knew that he wanted to chase her and bring her down. He liked the hunt and her fear. Then the man heard several people and he told Hannah this wasn’t over and she couldn’t hide from him When Hannah asked who he was he just said she would know soon enough and he took off. Hannah didn’t want to go to the hospital but was taken anyway Reece was sitting with a cup of coffee with Sean called and said there had been an assault on a female. Reece went to the hospital and realized this was the woman of his dreams that he had told noone about. Reece felt this was the same killer from the arson case but he had been sloppy with Hannah so he felt it was more personal. Reese wanted to lift Hannah up and carry her away from there. He didn’t want anyone else around her and neither did his wolf. Her scent wrapped around Reece and chained him in place. Reece didn’t like the fear in Hannah’s eyes but he understood the last wolf she had met had tried to kill her. Reece could tell Hannah was a half breed werewolf. Reece felt Hannah was his to protect. She was the reason for everything he had done in his adult life. Hannah realized her attacker had repelled her from jump street but she was attracted to Reece. Her reaction to reece totally confused her. Reece took her to his apartment after getting her stuff at her apartment and he fed her and got her settled in his bed to sleep as she needed that to heal. Reece knew Hannah was his mate. Hannah filled the empty spot in Reece’s soul and heart. The killer was near Hannah’s apartment he had a nose for misfits that were neither human or wolf. If Hannah was who he thought she was the reason he did what he did. The reason his life had changed a second time. Reece was taken Hannah to his home and pack. I loved this story it was just a great read. I loved the plot, the pace, and the action. I loved how Reece was so patient with Hannah. I was so glad Hannah didn’t have to be alone anymore if she o9nly accepted things. I loved Reese and Hannah together. I also loved Reece and Sage’s relationship and the love Elias had for the men.I love the Salvation pack and how accepting they were. Just all and all a great book and romance that I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about it. I even got another book boyfriend in Reece. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend