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Royal Attraction - Tiffany Truitt

Alexandra/Aly is the daughter of the former American Ambassador to England. After the death of the King’s mother and Aly’s mom. Aly and her dad moved into the royal palace. Aly had grown up with the three royal sons. They had been her best friends, her partners in crime and constant companions. Aidan is the first in line to the throne and Freddie is the second. Ollie was the youngest and jokester and wild one of the three brothers. Aly hates the spotlight. But Aly is an athlete and excels at soccer/futball. Then three years ago Aly found she had feelings for Aidan and Ollie and that caused problems between the brothers so Aly ran off to America. The press dug up a lot of stuff some true and some untrue but  Aly didn’t want to tarnish the Royal Family.  But it also showed Aly she did actually love one of the brothers. Aly had made some poor choices while she was gone. Her reputation is now tarnished and she is no good for the brothers. Aly had failed out of college, had an affair with a professor that she didn’t know was married. Ollie had been Aly’s best friend. Freddie is getting married so Aly must return to England. Aly plans on going to the wedding, spend some time with her dad and leave again. Ollie didn’t mind giving the press something to talk about. Ollie has felt lost in the three years Aly has been gone. Even as a friend - a best friend Ollie wants Aly back. Aly was the only woman Ollie had ever loved.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the plot as well as the pace a lot. I did choke up at times while reading this. I like the flashback shown so we understand why Aly left. I don't usually like going between the past and the present but it worked fine in this book. It also showed how feelings had grown and I loved that. I liked how the author made Ollie the love interest instead of Aidan the next in line to be king. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved ollie’s love and loyalty to Aly. I also really liked that there were some twists. I just loved Aly and Ollie together. I loved the characters and the twists in the book and I recommend.