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good story and characters

Reach for the Stars: A feel good, laugh out loud romantic comedy - Colleen Coleman

Evelyn and James were at a relationship counsellors office. They had been HS sweethearts and  been together ten years and married seven years. James thinks it is stupid to pay and come to a counsellor but Evelyn wants to try to save their marriage. Evelyn remembers when they were united in their thoughts, dreams and attitudes. If Evelyn now had just met James or went on a date with him she is sure she would have picked up on his selfishness, his sarcasm, and his intolerable messiness. Evelyn and James had gotten married too soon to know who they really were. Their is no big stuff  destroying their marriage just a lot of little things. After the session James and Evelyn decide to divorce. Evelyn is back at her mom’s house and feels better. Evelyn thinks she should sell the cottage so starts the procedure. But at least she didn’t feel like she was nine years old at the cottage like she does at home. Evelyn really wants to get out there and do something with her life and her new found freedom. James was already off traveling. At first Evelyn loved being spoilt and mollycoddled but then it was becoming smothering. She hadn’t lifted a finger since she came home and if she stayed like this she would never accomplish anything. Evelyn knew she had to reenter the real world. So far Evelyn had figured out that she didn’t want to build a life around someone else. Tara was her sister and an airline stewardess. And she told Evelyn “ you played it safe your whole life- you're a local teacher who married the boy next store and bought a cottage in the village and look where you are”. Then Tara said “ play it your own way, do something for you”. Tara said she was away a lot on flights to come stay at her place in Dublin. Evelyn knew it took courage to walk away from one life to say goodbye to all you know, to leave the comfort and and the familiar and the well loved  to a new one but she  decided to do it. Evelyn moves to Dublin and ends up tending bar at a charming but rundown pub. But to her surprise evelyn is really happy for the first time in years- making new friends and finding a new purpose in life, taking risks and even falling in love again with Danny.

I did enjoy this story a lot. I thought this was sweet and charming. It had a lot of emotional ups and downs which would be expected with a divorce then a whole new start on life as far as I am concerned. I loved Evelyn’s attitude all through this book. I loved how Danny was a friend first. I also loved how Danny understood Evelyn’s dreams and wanted to be part of them. I liked seeing Evelyn grow as the book went on. This did drag for me at times but I still continues on. I wanted to see how Evelyn came out. I loved that Danny was a musician. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.