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The Royal Treatment: A Crown Jewels Romantic Comedy, Book 1 - Melanie Summers, MJ Summers

Tessa was now engaged to the crown prince of Avonia -Arthur Laugesen. Tessa knew once Arthur put the ring on her finger she could no longer be the clumsy, blogger struggling reporter normal woman. She must transform into an elegant fabulous princess like Grace Kelly. After Tessa said yes to Arthur she was determined she would no longer do the old things to humiliate herself. Right now Tessa was in her brother Finn’s room at her parents= Reuben and Eve- house. Eve and Reuben also believe Tessa was incapable of almost any worthwhile accomplishment. Tessa had moved back to her parents house five months earlier. Tessa only had a part time job at The Weekly Observer. Tessa’s main source of income were her two remaining blogs. She had a photography website and her Smart Runner blog which she reviews clothes, shoes, and devices used by jogging enthusiasts. Tessa and Arthur hadn’t seen each other for six days as Arthur had to go to Genovia. Tessa even had a bodyguard now named Xavier. But her eleven year old niece pointed out that many tweets were out there against Arthur marrying Tessa. There were hundreds of I Hate Tessa tweets who didn’t want to see Tessa and Arthur marry, they wanted Arthur to marry Lady Dr. Brooke Beddingfield. The first thing King Winston had done when he found out about Arthur and Tessa impending marrying was assign Xavier to Tessa. Tessa took it as his version of throwing down the gauntlet that he would never see the wedding happen. Then Tessa and Arthur decide to marry in six months as he owes it to his people to have their festivities because their crown prince was getting married. Arthur told Tessa if it weren’t for his obligations he would whisk her off to Vegas  and have Elvis marry them. Since Tessa had been fourteen years old all she ever really wanted to do was be a successful journalist now she knew she had to give it up as she was the one everyone wanted a news scoop from.

I liked this story but in some ways it was very realistic like Tessa’s stress. I felt bad for her that this should be a time of great excitement for her and happiness. I loved Arthur’s grandmother and how she backed Tessa. I didn’t like Brooke and how she played up to Tessa. I was glad Tessa saw saw through her.For the most part this just didn’t have realism for me why would a prince fall for someone who used to down his family. I didn’t like how Tessa lashed at her mother but did feel she got her payback when everyone heard. I think Tessa was losing her real self and I didn’t like that. Arthur was supposedly in love with her for herself. Not someone she was trying to turn herself into. I did like how things turned around and even the king had changed his mind after Tessa went and told him off and Arthur finally saw Brooke for who she really was. I also loved how Arthur stood up to his father. I also loved the ending. So as I said somethings I really liked and others I didn’t. But all and all this still deserved a four rating. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend it.