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Great Story and Characters

Werebiker - Paige Cuccaro

Jack welcomed Jill into Custom Cruiser  Bikes. Jack didn’t recognize her until she said who she was then he said Brian’s baby sister. Jill’s maturity level dropped about two decades whenever she was around Jack who she had known most of her life and had a crush on him nearly as long. Brian was now Jack’s ex best friend. Brian and Jack hadn’t spoken in several years since Jack betrayed Brian and broke his promise. Jill’s goal was to buy a motorcycle- Jill loved motorcycles ad had been riding for a long time- and rescue her sister- in- law Carrie. Jill didn’t need a bike but she had always wanted one and rescuing Carrie from the clutches of a misogynistic biker gang seemed reason enough. In Jill’s mind motorcycles and Jack went hand and hand. Four years ago Jill had kissed Jack and he had walked away from that kiss and vanished. Carrie had been hanging around with a motorcycle club and one biker in particular and Brian didn’t know why he couldn’t get a hold of his wife in the last couple of weeks. If Jill has her way Brian never will know about Carrie and the biker. But Brian was coming home from the Navy deployment soon and with Carrie not taking Brian’s calls she worried Carrie’s friendship had turned into something more. Jill had to talk some sense into Carrie. Before Brian came home. But Jack didn’t need to know any of that. Then Jill ended up telling Jack as he knew her well enough to know she just didn’t want any of that. Then Jill ended up telling Jack Carrie was hanging out with the Hellhounds. Jack told Jill to stay away from them. Jack loved his bike shop, it was the only thing that made him feel human. Jack told Jill the Hellhounds aren’t playing at anything except maybe being human. He also said they were dangerous and he knew because he used to be one of them. Jack and Brian had known a couple of the members from HS- Donny and Pete.  These guys were killers. You can’t mess around with them. Jack said he did ride with them nut it wasn’t  by choice it just happened. Jack also told Jill they were the reason he broke his promise and didn’t show up to join the Navy with Brian on the buddy system. Jack hated seeing Jill hurting  and knowing he couldn’t make it right. Jack said he forgot about their kiss when he met Mic but it was because Mic tried to kill him. But when Jack woke up from the attack the kiss is the first thing he thought of and he realized he could never go back to the way things were even hours before. Jack then said he would help as he knew she was going to go after Carrie anyway. Donny had a birthday so Jack and Jill headed out to the Copper Kettle bar. Carrie was there but wouldn’t leave she said she loved Brian but only felt sad when she thought about leaving Mic.Mic was very spiritual according to Carrie. Then Jack said they had to leave and couldn’t get Carrie out yet. But Jack hadn’t told Jill the Hellhounds were actual werewolves. Jack wanted to kiss Jill when he took her home but he couldn’t until he figured out how the virus or curse however it was passed from one victim to the next. Carrie hadn’t been bitten yet but she refused to leave Mic to come to talk to Jill so she was already under Mic’s thrall. Donny told Jack he figured Mic planned on biting her at the R & R . Donny also said how Mic was paranoid about Jack and knew he was a threat. Jack was the first alpha Mic had made Seiin Jill again and being with her Jack couldn’t remember when he’d felt so normal, so like himself. Like he had finally come home after that dark long ago night. It felt like forever since Jack felt  so at ease. Jill was home to Jack, a living breathing balm to his soul. Then Jill and Jack kissed. Jack felt Jill was his and had always been his. The silky fur of Jack’s wolf rolled under his skin, covering itself in Jill’s sent. His need was within Jack filling his veins and muscles. Never before had the wolf interfered or showed influence in Jack’s human life or world. But this was different. The wolf wanted Jill and he’d accept nothing less. Then Jack and Jill had mind blowing sex. Jack knew Jill was his and he was Jill’s. Then one night Jill was bit by Moose at Mic’s order. Jack was with Jill during the change to a werewolf. Jack told Jill he loved her he didn’t mean to it had just slipped out.

I absolutely loved this story and didn’t want to put it down. A unique take on bikers and werewolves. I loved the old lady who was just down the street from Jill’s childhood home. She was the one who started the werewolf thing with Murray with a curse. But the witch was very sweet most of the time and definitely adds to this book. I loved Jack’s character and felt bad for all he  went through. I love Jack and Jill together. I loved the plot and the pace. I didn’t want to put this down. It was a fairly quick read and maybe because I didn’t put the book down too many times. It had the right amount of drama and action. It was an all around great read with a witch, fairies, werewolves and so much more. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.