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Great Story and Characters

Arm Candy (Real Love) - Jessica Lemmon

Grace found a two dollar tip left for her on the bar and there was a phone number and the  name Greg on one of the bills. Grace wondered if a guy really thought that worked on a bar mistress as Grace l8iked to be called and she worked at McGreevy’s Pub. Also Grace didn’t believe there was a real Mr. Right for a woman. Every relationship had an expiration date as far as Grace was concerned. Grace’s parents had been divorce lawyers and they were divorced then Grace’s dad took off and she tried but had no relationship with her dad that ended when he didn’t show up for her college graduation. Grace had worked at the pub since the beginning of summer. Davis comres in the pub most every day he asked they turned  the tv to CNN instead of sports for him. He had a seat at the bar that he claimed as his own. Davis ordered a bottle of Sam Adams and kept his eyes to the tv in between trading barbs with Grace. Lately he has paid more attention to Grace then she likes. Grace is attracted to davis so she copes with that with antagonism. Davis wears his standard attire of a pressed expensive suit. Davis noticed when Grace had changed her hairstyle. Even if Grace and davis had more than a passing curiosity about each other Davis likes his women in pearls not rhinestones. Blondes not redheads, loose pastels not skin tight skinny jeans, and no ornamental piercings and tattoos and Grace had both. Little did Grace know she excited Davis but he didn’t like it. Davis had a brush with that type of danger and he didn’t want to get burnt again. Davis dates a lot and the women aren’t exciting and blonde. Grace is a redhead and exciting. There’s nothing controlled or routine about Grace. Grace is hot in such a way that a man could go blind in both eyes and still notice Grace. Nothing’s as attractive as the way Grace’s voice dips into a husky alto when she is serious and when she lilts into laughter when she is not. Davis can’t pound out the tension brewing brewing between them in a marathon of sweaty no-holds- barred sex so they pick on each other. Grace’s brand of fiery excitement and unpredictability could disturb the smooth surface of his carefully maintained Zen. That davis can’t allow, he plays by his own set of rules and has for some time. Grace strikes davis as a girl who couldn’t be boring if she tried. Davis had been engaged to Hanna who was a redhead and they were to marry but she left him while he was standing at the altar and she was forever gone. Grace bets Davis he won’t ask a redhead out and he turns around and asks Grace out who he calls Gracie. Davis had slept with Grace but didn’t spend the night as tomorrow was the day Davis makes a sandwich and remembered how Hanna liked Brie cheese and the memories hit him and that hadn’t happened in four years he thought that would have been the last time but apparently not. Gracie had let davis know she would be there if he needed someone to talk to if he wanted to. Then Davis’s friend Vice asked Grace the last time she had seen Davis. Later she gets a call from Vince that Davis is home and alright but wants to be alone. Grace is still worried and goes to Davis’s house and he was on his way out and not even drunk . then davis tells Grace he was on his way to find her Davis had decided to get over what had happened to him that day but six years ago . They had slept together two times when Davis started to talk after they had sexz and told Grace he was suppose to have been married six years ago and told her about Hanna and what had happened.

I loved this story. I loved the the pace and plot. I loved how Gracie and Davis’s feelings grew throughout the book. I loved how Grace and Davis were with each other before their first date.  I loved how davis got the courage to back to the pub  after Grace broke up with him and hurt him  and went in even though Grace was on bar. Davis is a great character and my new book boyfriend. I loved how Vince and Davis were close and how they were with each other. I felt bad grace didn’t have a relationship with her dad until he was dying. This was an all around good read and actually seemed very realistic to me. I couldn’t find anything to complain about in this book and that is great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs  of this book and I highly recommend.