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Great Story and Characters

Intensity: Chronicles of Nick - Sherrilyn Kenyon

The way of the Malachai - the father perished whenever the son came of age and killed his father to take his place. Stupid ideas were Nick Gautier's speciality. Kody was Nick’s girlfriend and he loved her no getting around that and Nick was willing to die to keep Kody safe. Kyrian was Nick’s Greek boss also there was the dark hunter Acheron and Nick’s demon bodyguard Caleb. Kosy felt Nick couldn’t outeat a Charonte demon - Simi but Nick thought he could so he said. Kody warned Nick not to come to her for sympathy later on. Caleb was also Nick’s best friend as well as his bodyguard. Caleb had some guests right now - three evil Celts- an unsupervised War God, Hellhound, and Banshee so Caleb had to,leave and make sure everything was okay at home. Without his human skin Caleb was an orange fanged demon. Simi was a Charonte demon who was thousands of years old. Simi looked more like someone Nick’s age. The Malachai could speak all languages with ease. According to Nick’s mom he should have a PHD in if there was a wrong thing to say at a wrong time Nick said it. Dr. Nick Dumb - but that was Nick.  Nick was also the Malachai. Nick was trying his best to avoid ending the world as they knew it. Nick  would really like to die  centuries from now without causing the world to go with him on his was to the Pearly Gates. Nick missed the days when he’d looked forward to a normal future of routine college, wife, kids, nine to five job and growing fat, old, and complacent with the world. That was when he had been ignorant of his true destiny and future role in the large universe. It sucked to know that one day he would be the end of all living things or at least that was what Caleb and Kody had lead him to believe but now….they didn’t know.  That was why Nick  needed Simi to take him to Olympus so that he could meet with his half brother - Maydor- the sleep God - about time travel and consequences. Nick needed answers and didn’t want anyone to interfere with the real stupidity  he was planning. But Simi took him to an old ancient demon who was like a super ripped Ninja with the kind of toned muscles that Kyrian, Caleb, and Acheron sported. The Malachai in Nick saw this being in kecko armor wielding a magenta sword in the midst of battle against a group of Dramonk demons. The next flash showed the being in the guise of a Zeitzager - the creepy demons who were in charge of monitoring time and anyone who would abuse it. Simi ran over and hiugged him and called him “ Akri - Tashi” and told the being she had someone for him to meet Then the demon introduced himself as Takeshi and in Nick’s future and meets Nick many times. Takeshi asks Nick what he had screwed up because they shouldn’t be meeting like this. At least not then. Then Nashira manifested in front of Nick his yokai grimoire who was married to Takeshi. Someone who shouldn’t have the ability to change anything in Nick’s  life was shifting his future as he talked to Takeshi. Then the ancient Goddess Laguerre- ancient battle goddess [ she lived for blood, mayhem, utter and extreme violence] and her ex husband Grim were messing with Nicks life. Then Cyprian- Laguerre’s son- ( but also Nick’s son from the future) asked his mother if she didn't feel it and Grim said they had been discovered. Cyprian was also a Malachai and wanted to kill Nick and rule the world.Laguerre planned on binding Cyprian to them and ruling in his place. Nick had accidently bound a hellhound- Zavid to him when learning about his powers and as they grew. Nicks new powers- Necromancy-the ability to talk to the dead, Perspicacity- the ability to see the heart and truth of those around him. Teleportation- the ability to move through connected space in short bursts, Silkspeech- the ability to sway the minds of the weak and influence thought, Clairvoyance- the ability to see an ever changing future, Telekinesis- calling objects with his mind and they come to him especially his Malachai tools, Divination and Conjuring- using objects or tools in order to read signs or learn about the higher senses, Summoning- the ability to bring or summon any demon into his realm without any effort, Transformation- a Malachai can appear as anyone or anything he chose to. Then Nick tapped the very powers he mentioned and ended up over his mother's dead body. Daimons had attacked and killed Nick’s mom while Nick was out with the other squires patrolling to protect strangers.This was something Nick couldn’t change all roads lead him there.

Another excellent book on Nick. Also another excellent book by Sherrilyn Kenyon.I absolutely loved this book. I loved how Nick constantly fought his Malachai urges for death, blood, and destruction. I loved all those who stood by Nick to help him. I loved Nick’s relationship with his mom how she easily could have hated him by the way he was conceived but instead adored him so very special for them both. I especially loved someone so evil as Nick’s father could really love Cherie - Nick's  mom- as well as Nick.   I will say that you will probably be lost if you don’t read the other chronicles of Nick. I would suggest reading The Dark Hunters series first as you will meet everyone and when Nick comes into their lives and the roles they all play. The two series completely ties into each other and as far as I am concerned most definitely worth it. I have read almost everything Sherrilyn Kenyon has written as has my daughter as she introduced me to Ms Kenyons writing, There is so much to these books including this one: Gods. Goddesses, betrayal greed , backstabbing, good, evil, love friendship. Demons of many types, a very loveable Simi, action, gut wrenching pain, Nick’s quest, different planes and so very much more.as that is just the tip of the iceberg. I loved the characters and all the twists and turns of this book and I very highly recommend. Just try to read the others first at least the others to the series The Chronicles of Nick you won’t regret it. Another winner Sherrilyn Kenyon keep writing !!!