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good story and characters

Booke of the Hidden - Jeri Westerson

Kylie moves from California to maine after her mother passes away. She aldo breaks up with her butthead boyfriend. Then Kylie is drawn to the small town of Moody Bog. Kylie has bought a building to turn into her tea and herb shop which is to be called “ Strange Herbs and Teas”. While working on the building she takes down a wall and causes all kinds of chaos as she found the Booke. The name of the book Kykie finds is “The Booke Of the Hidden”.  Then Kylie opens the book and releases a succubus, and a demon. Kylie has made some friends and they are a coven of new wiccan and they offer to help even though they don’t know what to do. Erasmus also comes when the book has been opened and is suppose to be Kylie’s guide but he himself may be a demon and Kylie is sure Erasmus in untrustworthy but he’s hot in a dark way. Erasmus was in charge of the Booke or was to help the Booke holder. Some of the locals aren’t very happy that Kylie is going to hold a powerful position in the town. Kylie meets the sheriff when the man is murdered that Kylie went to see about the book. There is a bit of a love triangle between the sheriff, Erasmus, and Kylie.

I liked this book. I liked that Kylie and the coven didn’t really know what they were doing but tried anyway. This was an easy enjoyable read. The pace was a little slow but i got through it. I did like the plot. I really liked Kylie’s attitude. But I thought Erasmus was a butt when he berated Kylie for not knowing things and asking questions. I did enjoy the action in this story. Maybe a few too many sex scenes but got through that also. I am waiting for the next part to this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and i recommend.