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Great Story and Characters

Birthquake - B.L. Berry, Jennifer Roberts-Hall

Jeff met Henley on a plane.  As they talked they found out they both lived in Kansas City. Jeff is a software engineer and Henley is a sixth grade teacher. Jeff can’t seem to say a full normal sentence to Henley he just gets tongue tied or what he is trying to say comes out wrong. Jeff does manage to ask Henley out and she told him to call when they both get back to Kansas City her and gives him her number. Henley’s best friend is Tara. Tara was married and had triplets who were toddlers. She also had a very quirky way of saying things.  Then before she knows it Henley and Jeff have been seeing each other for almost five months. Tara knows how hard it is for Henley to open up about her relationships. Henley has been a lot more guarded since Her ex Leo and Henley broke up. Jeff asks Henley to his brother’s Chris’s wedding. At the same time Henley could meet Jeff’s family. Then Henley finds out Jeff comes from a rich family and is even more nervous. After Chris’s wedding Henley finds out she is pregnant but Jeff is very sweet and they are both happy and excited about the baby even if they haven’t been together that long. Henley knows she has hit the jackpot for boyfriends. The relationship has its hurdles but Jeff and Henley but Jeff and Hanley are sure of their love for each other.

I absolutely adored this story. I have children so I remember the pregnancies and births and the time right after. This was very realistic as fas as I am concerned. This had regular situation and emotions pregnant women can go through. This made me laugh out loud a lot and that is very rare for me but very good and doesn’t happen very often.  This was well written and a heartwarming fun read. I loved how Tara was there for Henley. Everyone should have a Tara as a best friend in their life.  I absolutely love Jeff  and Henley together right from the beginning.  I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.