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East in Paradise (Journey to the Heart Book 2) - Tif Marcelo

Mitchell tells his grandmother he doesn’t much like going into town anymore as it causes too much of a  whirlwind that his presence now causes. From the second he returned to Golden  two weeks ago it has been a fiasco as far as Mitchell is concerned. Mitchell has learned the more affable and cool Mitchelle was the faster he could grab his coffee and get on with his day. Also Sam Cornelius is like family and gave Mitchell his first taste of coffee at twelve but now always announced Mitchell’s presence when he arrived as was a home hero who had been in the Army.  Mitchell realizes he is not the same person who left for the Army. Mitchell was alone up at the big house but he does have King Lear a sixteen year old vineyard cat that had adopted Mitchell’s family. King Lear also announces visitors like Simba from Lion KIng. Mitchell is determined to get the family vineyard up and running again. Mitchell knows it is going to take more than awareness to make a success out of that is hanging on by the last of its roots. Mitchell is leasing some property at the vineyard - Lavenderhill. Mitchell still hasn’t figured out how to tell his brothers strangers will be living on their land. Now that Golden have become to a tourist town it doesn’t feel like home to Mitchell or his brothers anymore. Bryn has managed the restaurant True North for several years now she will have her own business Then Bryn was told the higher up gravel road from Lavender Hill was Mountain Ridge and that was where  Mitchell lived and he was her landlord.  Mitchell didn’t know the woman he spilled coffee all  that morning over was his new tenant  with a five year lease and she would be living right below him. Pete Luna was Bryn’s silent partner. Bryn decided to call her business Paraeso - Paradise  for her culinary retreat  Bryn then received a call from her silent partner Pete who can no longer send her money or be her partner as he is broke and his wife is pregnant. Bryn just signed an expensive five year lease. Mitchell suffers from insomnia -  four weeks of insomnia or interrupted sleep and Mitchell wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this up. His body was beat after tending the vines.Bryn had a black thumb instead of a green oe yet she needed to grow the garden for fresh produce. So she will need help there. Bryn meets Joanie who is  Mitchell.s and she told Bryn to ask Mitchell for help with the garden. Then Bryn gets a call from Laurel and she was an online producer for the website Food Right Now and she said they wanted to stream her renovations  and the opening and maybe more and Bryn would be paid as well as get the involuable exposure. Bryn signed a contract but found there was a lot involved. Then after a sprinkler incident Bryn has to tell. Mitchell about the live feed onto the internet Mitchell finds out he has to replant a bunch of vines but he nor his brothers have the money. Mitchell finally called Adam his brother’s best friend who was also a licensed psychologist for the insomnia. Bryn knows she has to play nice so he doesn’t stand in the middle of the potential income from the live stream. Mitchell said he hadn’t agreed to the cameras especially as coming home was about having peace. To heal through the grapevines Dunford was suppose to help heal Mitchell.

I didn’t really care for this story and it was because I couldn’t stand Bryn. I swear it’s okay for her to do things but heaven help if the actual land owner does the same thing and she pulls all kinds of BS on him yet the network she never said anything to and it was their idea to not tell Bryn the truth but Mitchell was an honest man not dirty like  Bryn or the network as Bryn would not have told Mitchell with the live tape if she could have got away with it. She paid a high lease but she is the one who agreed to it so that us her problem. I didn’t like what she pulled on Mitchell when he told her what was going on like she was owed if it wasn’t for Mitchell they would have dumped her as the audience wasn’t very interested apparently until Mitchell showed up so she wouldn’t have got that much without him. I just felt she used Mitchell and it just totally took all interest in this story for me. Bryn didn’t tell Mitchell when her partner backed out and she worried she could meet the lease. She didn’t tell Mitchell about the live cast until  Bryn knew she had to and she was already benefiting but don’t let anyone one else. Well I ranted enough I had liked this book but Bryn rubbed me wrong for awhile before the incident so anyway I don’t recommend this but I am sure others will like this story a lot.