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good story and characters

Break of Day - Andie J. Christopher

Carla was a socialite and her fiance just broke their engagement and called off the wedding.Carla was the baby of the family and no one liked her fiance. Carla had tried to make her fiance happy and had lost herself and she also had to figure out why she was always messing up her life. Carla always felt like she had disappointed her parents.  Carla escaped from he life in Miami and her break up Carla needed time to destress and some peace and went to her Aunt Lola’s in Havana, Cuba. Once there she also had some ideas to fix her aunts grand old home up so they could rent out rooms for money. Then Carla meets her Aunt's favorite border Jonah Kane who rents a room to work on his book who Carla had an instant dislike too yet was somehow attracted to Jonah. Jonah is a famous photojournalist and and was having some R &R after a scary trip to Syria for a jo9b. Jonah loves stayinh at Lo0la’s and she had adopted him as her family and Jonah in turn was very protective of Lola and felt responsible for her. Her sees Carla as a spoiled rotten princess so he didn’t really like her at first but to was attracted to her. Johan was also worried that Carla had ulterior motives for Lola and her home. Carla and Jonah just seem to rub each other the wrong way. While trying to fight their attraction to each other. Carla and Jonah both had a lot of issues. Jonah rescues Carla after a panic attack and then they are together during the storm and give in to their desires. It was to only be the one night. Then Carla and Jonah plan not to see each other again. After Carl leaves Cuba and goes back to the states she finds out she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby.

I liked this book a lot and I liked the plot a lot. This dragged some at times but got through it. This is a short easy enjoyable read. I loved Carla’s Aunt Lola what a woman. I loved how Jonah was protective of Lola but also how he was gentle with Carla so he wouldn’t hurt her  as he was a big man. I liked Jonah’s friend Charlie also. I really liked how it showed Carla and Jonah overcome obstacles to try to make it work for them. I loved seeing Carla and Jonah’s relationship unfold. I loved Carla’s crazy family and they were crazy. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.