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Great Book With Great Characters

Billionaire in Her Bed - Regina Kyle

Brook was glad her shift at the bar was almost over. She started cleaning up when a gorgeous man who wasn’t from around there and he asked if she had a phone he could use. Usually Brook wouldn’t pay attention to a man like him yet somehow he pressed all her sexual buttons. His name was Eli Brook even asked Eli to help her close she must be desperate to end her cold streak as it had been a long time since she had slept with anyone. Eli owned Momentum Development and was a real estate developer with his partner Simon. Today they had lost the east Harlem Project - the latest in a series of business disasters.  Somehow his rival in the N Y real estate game - Noel Dupree was getting the projects he wanted. Eli had made an act of flying under the radar with his  projects until it was time to go public but lately Dupree was getting the better of Eli.  Eli wondered if there was a mole in his company it was the only thing that made sense.The only person it could be was his best friend and partner Simon.  Brook took Eli to the back into the office where there was a futon, and a kitchen area  with a microwave and mini frig and workspace  Brook said she spent enough time at the bar as she was the manager and bartender. Jack of all trades. Eli had taken off the day he found out about the East Harlem Project. Then Eli called her personal assistant Ginny and told her the would meet up the next morning and where and what time.  He spend a glorious night with Brook taking care of the end of her cold streak. Ginny had become the mother Eli had never really had. . When meeting with Ginny Eli said he had to lay low for awhile and he had decided to buy Candy Court and turn it into luxury condos which was in Sunset Park where the bar is and Brook lives. Eli decides to live at Candy Court there are still a few tenants there then Eli finds out Brook is one and he ends up on the same floor as her. But Eli had to  get some inexpensive clothes or he will blow his cover so he again goes through Ginny before he moves in after he had attended a tenants meeting that Brook was running. Brook’s father was a rich man who saw Brook as a flighty dreamer who spends her days doodling. and her nights doling out alcohol. Brook was doing edits on her graphic novel so her agent would get it published. Brook had a five year plan and no man was going to detour her. Brook had learned by her mother’s mistakes. What really attracted Eli to b Brook is she was attracted to plain old Eli not the rich man and that hadn’t happened since Eli had hit it big. Brook is forced to attend a charity event and see eli as he is the host and spokesperson for the charity. Then Brook is very angry when she finds out who Eli really is and angrily looks for him but Eli’s sister does warn him. Brook kinda listens to Eli’s explanation but in the end tells him to screw off. Then Brook intends to get the tenants as well as the neighborhood to have a meeting and do everything she can with their support to stop Eli from taking over their building. Eli is a grumpy person to be around now and Brook holes up in her apartment

I loved this story a lot. I liked Eli and didn’t think he was a bad guy at all. I loved how he had talked to other people in the neighborhood and had a place for the tenants could go even Brook and be able to be together as they were now and be like the family they had become. I loved how Brook tried to help her fellow tenants. I also loved how Brook and Eli helped Chris and David’s wedding. It was so sweet. I also loved how Eli acted when Brook’s sister showed up. There were just so many things I loved about this story. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I highly recommend.