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good story and characters

Sweet Reality - Laura Heffernan

Jen had left the reality show early and taken a sure prize and Justin followed after her. It’s a year later and Justin and Jen are in a full romance now and happy. Jan plans on using her winners from the reality show to  invest in a bakery with Justin’s sister Madison who is now Jen’s best friend.Madison and Jen were showcasing a lot of the deserts that had been on the reality show. The name of their bakery was Sweet Reality. Then a rival bakery opened up across the street from Sweet Reality and Jen needs a special ingredient to pull out in front of the other bakery.   Then Jen and Justin are contacted by the network and offered an all expense week long cruise for previous reality t v stars. Jen and Justin thought that was just what they needed. Ariana had been Jen’s nemesis and had claimed Justin as her own even if it wasn’t true while they were on The FishBowl. Now she was also going to be on the cruise. Jen’s ex cheating boyfriend Dominick  had also been on the show and was going on the cruise.

I loved this book. I loved how the author brought back a lot of the characters from the first book. I do advise you read the first book first if possible as it will give you the background you need for everything to come together. In this story there was: drama, humor, romance, betrayal. conflict, tension, and a lot more. This book has a great plot and is fast paced. The was a second plot that was depressing and I felt that really wasn’t needed  not as sad as it was anyway. There was a lot of twists and turns in this story. This was basically a fun read. I was laughing out loud at times. Even with the subplot I really liked this book. I loved the characters and the twists and turns and I recommend.