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Highland Vixen - Mary Wine

Marcus had lined up his men and offered her as a bride to them. To settle Helen into life so Marcus said. Then Marcus’s men decided to fight over Helen. Then Helen dressed as Brenda’s serving lady left MacPherson Castle with Brenda. Marcus’s pride would prevent him from going after Helen but Brenda was the niece of the current laird of the Grants and a beauty besides. So Helen worried they would come for Brenda. Helen’s simple life had been shattered after she met Marcus. Marcus plucked helen from her home one year ago and she had been living in Castle MacPherson against her will and helen didn’t even  know why she had been taken.   But Helen was going to find a way to regain control of her fate. Brenda and Helen are going to court to seek shelter from Brenda’s kin. Marcus was smitten with Helen according to her brother even if Marcus didn’t declare himself. Then Marcus’s father said he was to go to court as the Earl of Morton requested his brother Bhaic at court but his brother’s wife was pregnant and frail and he didn’t want to leave his wife so it now fell to Marcus. Which Marcus was happy about as he knew that was where helen was. Marcus was the War Chief of Clan Macpherson , a position Marcus took knowing he had to be suspicious of else he would fail his clan. With a King on the throne who was only eight years old, it was best to look after his own kin because the very same king’s mother was intent on taking back the child and country she felt was hers. Earl of Morton- James- was regent for the young king. . Marcus is very attracted to helen and even though helen won’t admit it she is attracted to him and because Marcus  ran afoul of the Earl of Norton Marcus and Helen had wed and  must consummate the marriage or the Earl of Morton  would marry helen off to someone else.

This was kinda hard for me to rate as I did enjoy some things about this book but for the most part I didn’t really enjoy it. I did however enjoy the way the author portrayed the Highlands as I have actually been there. I also really liked Marcus and Helen together. However I don’t believe it should have been easy for Brenda and Helen to leave the castle. Also even though I liked Helen and Marcus together I just really didn’t connect with them. I also loved the loyalty Marcus felt for his clan and the closeness between him and  Bhaic. It was hard for me to understand the language in this book. A lot of the time I felt there was too much going on in this book. I also felt at other times it dragged there  didn’t seem to be a happy medium as far as i am concerned in this book.  Also there seemed to be a lot of jumping around between the characters.   So I really didn’t enjoy this book but I am sure there are others who will love it.