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great story and characters

Last First Kiss (Iron-clad Security) - Sidney Halston

Rocco was a rom/com king mostly known for his looks but he has landed a serious role that will revive or break his career. Rocco was to play the lead in El Traficante the true story of Gabriel Mendoza - Columbia’s infamous drug lord- hated by many but idolized by more. Paul Allen was Rocco’s agent and best friend. Paul told rocco he was lucky to get the part and to do as the contract said or the studio would find someone else that would for the role. The studio wanted Rocco to have a bodyguard and there was an appointment for Rocco to be at Iron Clad Security- ICS- next week. Paul was always the calm, cool, and collected guy whereas Rocco was temperamental and quick acting. Joey and Jax were co-partners of ICB and Annie is Joey’s sister who ran the office for the two men. But being behind a desk was slowly eating at Annie’s soul as she wanted to be in the field. Annie and Joey had a very high IQ and handled most of the IT related jobs. Annie was capable of doing both if they would just give her a chance. Eight years in the army had toughened Annie up not that she hadn’t already been tough with four older brothers.No one knew of Annie’s nightmares or self loathing. She hadn’t been fast enough the first time she drew her weapon to kill and seven year old Yagena an afghan little girl had died in Annie’s arms. No nightmares or anything would bring back Derek who died across the street from her or Yagana .  Joey could sit in his office every day all day as he loved coding but Annie needed the mental and physical challenge that came with fieldwork. It was what Annie was used to. It was what she was good at. Annie was a secret fan of Rocco’s and she did her research. Recently Rocco had been named by Most Eligible Bachelor and The Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. Rocco had dated just about every woman in Hollywood. The Arrogant playboy wouldn’t mess up her concentration that had happened once and she wouldn’t bear the loss and humiliation ever again. Rocco was hit with lust the minute he saw Annie. Annie got mad at Rocco’s attitude and flipped him and then she quit. After Annie left Rocco told Jax and Joey that Annie was who he wanted as his bodyguard. Annie’s best friend  and roommate was Zander/Zan . Annie acted on on impulse, anger, and pent up frustration and Rocco had taken the brunt of her anger and rocco didn’t deserve it even if he had been to too cocky for his own good and he could sue Annie. Then Joey called and said the studio hired ICS but Rocco stipulated she be his bodyguard. But Annie was to play Rocco’s girlfriend for the next four months. Rocco and Paul were like brothers as the had grown up in the same foster care and only with the grace of God and luck Rocco had been spotted by a modeling agency at the mall and at seventeen and Rocco’s career took off from there. Rocco had never met a woman he wanted more than Annie.

I loved this story. It was a great and fun read. I loved the plot and pace. To make a woman the bodyguard of a male movie star was great. I enjoyed the alpha vive between Rocco and Annie. The back and forth. I felt bad that Annie had been traumatized while in the Army and lost so much. I loved how Rocco was  really down to earth in his real life. I also loved how Annie filled the loneliness in Rocco and Rocco in her. This was just an all around great story and great romance. I snickered at times and choked up at times. Especially at Joey and his big brother protectiveness. I loved Rocco and Annie together. I also loved Rocco and Paul’s relationship. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.