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Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - Heather Heyford

Red longed for permanence of four walls surrounding her. A refuge where she could curl up at the end of the day and feel safe and protected from the outside world. If it wasn’t for relationship problems would have no practice she was a psychologist. Red was having breakfast with Sam who was charming almost to the point of arrogance. If you had known Sam when he was younger he was the scruffy kidgorgeous in the classic sense.  who came to school with uncombed hair, wearing clothes that looked slept in. He was never gorgeous in the classic sense and Sam had more issues than Vogue magazine. But lately Red;s heart beat rapidly every time she seen Sam. Lately Red stumbled over her words to Sam. It was Red’s fault she had pursued Sam starting the night of Sam’s homecoming celebration. For over a year Sam and Red casually hooked up but lately Red’s feelings had changed and weren’t casual when it came to Sam anymore. Red was always looking for her perfect home and saved her money for it. It had something to do with growing up in trailer parks and free school lunches and thrift store clothes. After breakfast Sam suggested they take a little ride on his harley and Red knew what that meant,. Sam didn’t do movies or romantic dinners for two or any of the other things official couples did. The real Sam was the most loving, giving man. All Sam’s problems originated when he was a kid at home and his psychodad. The face Sam put on for the outside world was a competent business man with an endless supply of jokes. But Red had gotten a glimpse behind the facade: the rages come and gone quickly, using work as an avoidance tactic and not wanting to let anyone close. But Red had to have a change in the way She and Sam were.

I had mixed feeling on these one. I liked the plot and pace a lot and it wasn;t a hard book to read. But something just didn’t click for me. How did Red  not figure out Sam’s childhood wasn’t great - the way he came to school should have told her some things about Sam and he would grow up with problems even another kid would notice something wasn’t right at home for Sam if they thought about it. I just don’t believe many women would accept wham bam thank you mam { Sam had said it had taken all of five minutes} and that sounds like Sam and Red when they went off on his harley. Until Red demanded more from Sam and to be a couple. I did like Sam and Red together. But I think Red shouldn’t push Sam so hard she acts more like a therapist to Sam then a girlfriend other than the sex. I liked the relationship Sam had with Manalo. I think Red needs a therapist herself. So this wasn’t really for ,e but I am sure someone else will like it.