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good story and characters

Pretend You're Safe (The Agency) - Alexandra Ivy

Jaci had learned to bake by her grandma who had raised when her mother decided she didn’t want Jaci anymore. Than Jaci’s mother married the richest man in town and had a son and daughter. When Jaci was a sixteen years old Lockets started appearing on her porch each was gold with a few strands of hair and a bloody piece of ribbon ties to it. Jaci tried to convince Ryland she was being stalked but he didn’t believe her and just thought someone was playing pranks on Jaci.Rylan had been the boy next store and Jaci had a crush on him as a teen.  Ryland had been a young deputy sheriff. Then Jaci went off to college and the lockets stopped coming. Then Jaci inherited her grandparents farm and she baked goods and sold them to Birdie’s dinner for extra money. Then there was a major storm and a female body washed up on Jaci’s neighbors farm and Jaci got another locket same as before. Rylan owns a security company in California and has come back to help his father with his farm after the flood. Mike is the sheriff and both Rylan and Mike have known Jaci since they were teens and both want to protect her. Now Rylan believes Jaci was right about a stalker back when she was a teen and wants to make up for it. Mike cares for Jaci but worries there is a serial killer loose. Also Jaci’s mother’s much loved housekeeper is missing. Rylan is working under the radar to try to find out who the killer is as more women go missing. Jaci and Rylan becomes close and the killer is angered because he feels Jaci is his and his alone. The killer will not stop until Jaci is his forever.

I liked this story a lot. I liked the plot and pace. I really liked the twists and turns of this story. This is definitely a good mystery romance as far as I am concerned. I loved how the author kept us readers guessing until the end. There is a lot of action in this story and just enough romance. I had no problem with my attention wandering while reading this story.I loved the characters and the twists and turns of this story and I recommend.