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good story and characters

Wolf Daughter: A New Adult Paranormal Romance - G.A. Rael

The wolves/monsters had attacked Emery’s mothers engagement party. Killing two guests and wounding twelve others including emery’s boyfriend Laurence/Law who was in a coma. Now emery was being taken from her high society life of order and reason and shipped out to the country to live with her father who was a werewolf who had never been in her life the first nineteen years of her life but all  of a sudden now Emery was to go live with him. Emery’s mom said it could have been worse the wolves could have killed her or Robert or even Laurence. So after nineteen years all of a sudden Emery is of enough importance to uproot Emery’s entire life. Emery hasn’t slept for more than an hour or the since the attack. The sound of bones crunching between massive jaws keeps jolting Emery awake. Now emery was on her way to her father’s home. When Emery gets there she meets Mitchell her father’s second in command. Emery learns her father is a werewolf one of the monsters and that she herself was half wolf and also her father Rick was the Alpha of not only this pack but the whole area. Emery has night terrors and Emery had locked her door Mitchell broke in Emery’s door but then Rick is there. Then emery is imprinted on by two wolves Mitchell and and dane which has never happened before. Em ends up sleeping for three days after the ceremony of who had really imprinted on her and it was both men. Then emery learns Laurence had been awake for a week and her mother had never let her know. Laurence and Emery had known each other since they were kids and had been best friends before they had started to date three years ago. Emery went to the hospital to see Laurence and finds out Laurence had been bitten by a wolf and was suppose to be killed because he would go feral after he changed.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt bad when Emery had went through her life without her father who obviously loved her and tried to do what he thought what was best for Emery There were a lot of first for Rick’s pack and the shifter world and I loved reading about them. I was happy the answers were found for Emery and Laurence. There was a lot of action and intrigue in this story that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I liked Emery with Mitchell but also Emery with Dane as they are different types of men. I love how it shows Emery and Rick’s relationship grow as well as emery;s acceptance of Rick’s pack and way of life and her  being a were also. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend