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Great Book With Great Characters

So I Married a Sorcerer - Kerrelyn Sparks

Brigitta, knew she was one of the Embraced, but she never imagined she was actually the lost princess of the kingdom of Tourin. When she found out, she was being taken by ship to meet her brother, the king. However, she didn’t plan on being kidnapped by the famed pirate Rupert. Rupert is also an Embraced, a powerful sorcerer who can control the winds. He kidnapped Brigitta to finally get his long-awaited revenge. He just didn’t count on his attraction to her.  This is the second book in the new Embraced series by this author. I loved that we were able to see the characters from the first book as well as the other Embraced that I assume will have their own books. I loved Brigitta’s bravery. Everything she tries to do to help Rupert and avoid a war, especially in a world she doesn’t know and has very little control. My heart cried for Rupert. He had been through so much that you wanted him to succeed in his revenge. I did like the new side characters and liked learning some of the stories of the sisters. However, while I liked Sister Fallyn in the beginning and found her amusing, towards the end, her paranoia started getting on my nerves. Other than that, everything was well written and I really liked the introduction to another kingdom. I highly recommend to anyone that likes this genre.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book