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good story and characters

Wicked Bite - Rebecca Zanetti

Beauregard/Bear  knew someone was in his cabin. Bear was a Grizzly Bear shifter and Alpha of the Grizzly Bear nation. Bear was also a loner and he liked his privacy as anyone who knew Bear knew to stay out of his space. The door of his cabin was open and then a woman came into view and said to Bear “ there you are”. Then bear knew she was a witch. She asked Bear to change back. To human form and they needed to talk. That took a little longer than usual since Bear had barely been out of bear form in the last three months. But that hadn’t helped his health and it was still not good. Then anger went through Bear as he said what is a coven nine witch doing in my cabin ? Bear couldn’t remember her name but he did remember seeing her in Ireland at witch headquarters and she was a council member but that had been months ago. She was on the ruling council of witches and should have security all around her. Bear said everyone called him Bear. His people were no longer enemies with the witches although Bear didn’t like witches. Then Bear remembered her name it was Nessa and asked why she was there. Bear did find Nessa pretty and intriguing. Bear was dying and Nessa sensed it. Nessa said she just wanted to talk. Bear said he was neither civilized not part of people. Bear had torn himself half apart metaphysically as he was a hybrid as he was half dragon and half bear and a shifter is suppose to be only one true form. Bear had shifted into a dragon and that had really taken a toll on him. Bear kne it had been suicide to shift into a dragon but it had saved his younger half sister -Simone- and Bear had known the risk. Simone was now safe and Bear felt it was worth it. Nessa asked Bear if he knew how witch powers worked Then Bea said something about quantum physics and altering matter. Nessa told Bear she could heal him internally  by the application of a subatomic level. Most witches can create fire but a very few can’t those very few are healers. Nessa is a healer. She had only known of a total of ten healers. Simone had sent Nessa but there was a cost ,which was to mate with her and Bear told Nessa his species mate for life. Nessa said she was a century old and she was tired of following all the rules and being on the council and creating laws. This would give Nessa freedom. Nessa’s parents had been killed by a demon squad. Two witches came hunting for Nessa as there  was a million dollar bounty on Nessa’s head . bear killed one of the witches but got hurt buy the witches fire and Nessa fought the other witch but as he ran off he said others were coming for her. Bear had passed out and Nessa dragged him into the cabin. Nessa did some healing on Bear but she was not really sure she could completely heal Bear. Nessa had never felt that before. Then Bear awoke and kissed Nessa and she had never been kissed like that before with complete focus and leisure. Lucas was Bear’s second in command and showed up at his cabin surprised Bear was back as he thought Bear would be gone longer. Lucas was also Bear’s best friend and had been three decades. Bear is determined to protect Nessa.and find out who was after Nessa and making Apollo.

I liked this story a lot. I liked the plot and pace of the story This had: suspense, mystery, shifters, witches, bounty hunters, drugs, a hybrid and much more. I chuckled at times while reading this. I really enjoyed the interplay between Bear and Nessa and their chemistry together. At first I wasn’t fond of Nessa but that did change. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.