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The Scholarship - Jaime Maddox

Mary Ann asked Elizabeth/Ella what made her think Mary Ann would like living in the Poconos . She was offered  the job of Vice President of Development  of a University there. The job would be a promotion with more money , more responsibilities, and more rewards. It would also mean Ella  made it to the top of her field. When Ella interviewed she hoped to find an answer to sooth the discontent she couldn’t really explain. Ella needed a change. It was the next leg of Ella’s journey. Ella’s parents had sent her and her sister to the Poconos every summer to be with their grandparents and have some fun. The girls were dropped off in June and picked back up on Labor Day. Ella thought they were the best times of her life. Ella wanted the job but wondered if she could handle it. But Ella was good at her job even if she didn't have much time to spend with her friends as she was in a demanding field with many evenings spent wooing donors and at university functions. Her donors had given from five thousand dollar scholarships to five hundred thousand dollar buildings. In return Ella gave her time and that didn’t leave that much time to socialize. Ella was filled with excitement that she hadn’t felt in ages. Reese was an emergency room doctor. Millie Nathan was on her way in via ambulance with Engle. Millie had a bad heart and her vitals weren’t that good right now. Millie was  the Senator’s- Josh Nathan-mother. Reese had known Millie Nathan all her life. Reese had known Josh since kindergarten and they were still friends.Reese called Josh to let him know about his mom.  Beginning twenty five years ago a group of teenage friends had been devastated when their seventeen year old friend Stephanie had been murdered. Reese’s sweetheart had been Stephanie at one time. Stephanie had been killed accidentally in a time of great passion from her killer.  Everyone had loved Steph. Twenty five years later Ella moves back and is horrified to learn her childhood friend had been murdered. When Ella moved back she started to get close to Reese. Then the murder gets a new investigation and the killer will do anything not to be caught. Ella takes a house sitting job so she has time to look for her own home as she had little time to do it when first moving back to the Poconos. Cass liked to come over and help with the dog Ella is also watching.

I had mixed feelings on this story. I don’t  like the same sex stories although this one wasn’t too bad for the most part as the romance was slow in forming. I felt this was a good read with a good plot. But I also felt the story dragged I liked the idea of a mystery with a slow burning romance. I also liked not knowing who the killer was from so long ago. I think Cass added a lot to the story. I didn’t really care for the ending. I did like how Cass and her Downs Syndrome was presented. So there were things i liked and things I didn’t when it came to this story.