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Don't Call Me Sweetheart (Something Borrowed) - Codi Gary

Marley works very hard and she is focused., she works at Something Borrowed which is a wedding planning service that includes having bridesmaids/ maid of honor you can hire. Sonora is a starlet btu basically a snob and definitely a bridezilla. Marley knows this is going to be a tough assignment making Sonora happy and keeping her that way. But Mallory is a professional and what Sonora is willing to pay will bring Mallory a lot closer to her dream and being a book editor living in NYC away from Sweetheart where Mallory feels stuck. Then Luke and Mallory meet and there is an instant attraction Luke couldn’t understand how someone like Mallory could be best friends with Mallory. Luke liked being best man knowing Mallory is the  maid of honor. There was a confidentiality clause in the contract as well as mixing business with pleasure was not to be done. Marllory thought of this when she thought of Luke. Also Luke had a dangerous job as a SWAT officer and Mallory had already lost enough people she loved.

I enjoyed reading this book but had mixed feelings I liked how Luke was so sure Mallory was the one for him.I also loved how Luke pursued Mallory. I liked the plot and pace and felt this was well written. I didn’t like the push and pull Mallory did on Luke. I liked how Mallory and Kendall became friends so quickly. However I didn’t like that Luke didn’t really trust Mallory. How can he think Mallory is the one if he can’t trust her? I also felt it was brought up to much how Mallory wanted to leave town. The ending was also a little too predictable. I would have liked to see Sonora knocked off her high horse. But I really like the small town feeling of this story. So i gave a three some things I liked some things not so much.