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Body Parts - Jessica Kapp

Tabitha had been orphaned at the age of six and was raised in a Centre that encourages to be in best physical condition to maximize Tabitha’s chances of being adopted No one knows if you turn eighteen what happens to you if you haven’t been adopted. The teen have very little contact with the outside world.They can only watch certain things on t v. . Then at sixteen they tell Tabitha she was finally being adopted but instead of finding a family she wakes up in a hospital. It then shows how Tabitha was actually raised for organ harvesting for the rich and wealthy who had ruined their own organs by overuse of drugs supplied by Pharm  Perfect. But the rescue team was at the hospital and Gavin and his crew were breaking out. Tabitha joins Gavin’s group. Mary is eight years old but wasn’t rescued before her cornea had been taken and Sasha had been in isolation for three years until someone needed her uterus. Both girls are part of the team now. Now that Tabitha knows the truth about the centre she is concerned about her old friends, One was her best friend Page and there was eighteen year old Parker who completely loved Tabitha but she doesn’t love him. Gavin has devoted himself to saving kids from the Centre but has a perfectly normal background. Ry is always high and Tabitha makes the mistake of accepting drugs she thought were for her heart condition. Kevin is the one who lets Gavin know what is going on at the hospital.Tabitha doesn’t know who to trust. Tabitha knows Kenny is hiding something. Then Tabitha starts falling for Gavin who seems to like her back but Gavin hangs around with his childhood friend Cherry who is beautiful and Tabitha is jealous. Also what about Parker Tabitha agreed to start dating him if they ever got out of the Centre.Tabitha had agreed to start dating. The teens were also taught self defense incase they ever needed it as there were some weird people out there who would be jealous.

I absolutely loved reading this book. I didn’t like that humans that had been orphaned were grown to be harvested for their organs and lied to all their lives  which I don’t think anyone would. This dragged at times and the book went on too much about Tabitha’s jealousy a bit much. I also thought it wasn’t the smartest thing to let Tabitha go on a mission when she had no training and was traumatized by what had already happened to her. There was a lot of action and I liked that. I liked the plot. This was a well written fun read for the most part. I didn’t really want to put this down. This also seemed realistic. I also loved the characters backgrounds that we were given. I loved the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.