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In His Hands (Blank Canvas) - Adriana Anders

Abby cut the chain fence and and it was good she didn’t cut herself or Isaiah- who was the church leader and thought himself the Messiah and knew what was best for his flock-   would wonder what she had gotten into and sent someone to her. Abby was hoping Grapeman would hire her to work on his vines or anything else. Abby would do just about any kind of work. She had to help Sammy. The Grape Man's name was Luc. He told Abby he did the vines himself and had no work for her and she should go back to her church. Luc knew Abby was from the Church Of Apocalyptic Faith. Abby wondered how she could help Sammy now that she had failed  at getting a job from Luc. Hamish had been Abby’s husband  he couldn’t get her pregnant and Abby knew they would find someone else to push her with to see if the job could be done. Abby felt a ridiculous job would be created for her since she couldn’t be trusted with anyone else- too restless to work in the kitchen, to friendly to work with the outsiders. Abby felt  they could come back to the church once Sammy was cured. There had been so much good when Abby and her mom had arrived at the church. Abby had been a starving seven year old. Abby had gone with a struggling mom to a whole family where everyone pitched in for the greater good. All servants of God preparing for the Day. But then they had taken Abby away from her mom’s side. All her life no matter what or how much they struggled in the back of the old station wagon they were at least together. Then Abby’s mother said in all earnestness” did not God choose the poor of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom”? Abby grew she would ask question of the elders  that they didn’t want to answer so Abby became know as trouble and and difficult. They felt Abby had too much spirit and needed to be broken.  Hamish had been the most devout man Abby had ever met but he had turned to his eyes from the Savior that he had built his entire life on and Hamish had begged Abby to end it for him. Luc didn’t do well with people or people with him. Hamish had been old enough to  be  Abby’s grandfather and had been the first father of their religion.  Sammy had developed mental problems and he got treated badly sometimes.and was physically hurt. Lately Sammy had been having “spells” where he loses time and falls. Sammy is all Abby really has now. Abby wants to leave with Sammy and be free. But she has to have enough money to support her and Sammy. Luc finds he can’t forget Abby and he reaches out  to help her. Both Abby and Luc were lonely and had painful pasts. . Isaiah  didn’t believe in outside influences: no doctors, no medicine and what ever happened will be the will of God.

I couldn’t get into this story. I couldn’t seem to connect with Luc or Abby. I felt the story dragged especially in the beginning. By the time it started to pick up I had lost all interest and couldn’t get into the story. This was just too hard for me to read. I didn’t like how the author presented the abuse Abby had went through I just couldn’t an