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good story and characters

The Billionaire's Paradise - Victoria Davies

Hayden  a billionaire who was a hotel mongrel. Hayden was going because Avery would be there. Avery was a difficult woman to corner with the world as her playground she was almost as elusive as Hayden was. It took Hayden awhile to track Avery down. He had used all his usual tricks to get her to spend more time with him but she had turned him down. Wyatt would run the business while Hayden was gone. Wyatt was a little surprised Hayden had went this far to see Avery again. Wyatt was the V P of Hayden hotel franchise.  They had only one night together after the Christmas Gala and very had slipped away in the morning. Wyatt reminded Hayden Avery was smart, savvy , and very sexy. Hayden had worked with Avery for years and she had made them millions of dollars in the past finding and fixing problems in the hotels Avery was hired to fix. When Hayden fell asleep at night he couldn’t shake the image of being with Avery for that one night. Hayden felt he just had to convince Avery to have an affair with him, They were both single so they wouldn’t be hurting anyone. Hayden could silence all the voices in Avery’s head until all she could think about was him.   Avery loved being so close to the ocean. But she was at this hotel because this once profit making hotel wasn’t doing as well and Avery needed to find out why and fix it. Avery’s assistant Karen was with her to help. Avery liked being master of her own schedule and keeping busy and Avery was very good at her job. Avery felt the world was too big to stay in one place for too long. Then Avery realizes Hayden is in the very lobby she was in. Hayden had barely noticed Avery until that night at the Gala. Avery had been a little tipsy on champagne and had her night with Hayden. Avery  would like to spend more time with Hayden but she had been down that road before with a different man- Jonathan/Jon who had been her husband nut had been a love them and leave them type of guy Avery had found out but the same heartache. Jon had been Avery’s dream come true and for four years AVery had been incredibly happy Then her life had shattered. Avery had been divorced for two years.  Avery had never really got the knack of casual sex. Hayden told Avery he was interested in getting the hotel back on track. Avery felt Hayden was messing with her head and this project could take weeks. Avery’s life was governed by three rules: 1) Never mix business with pleasure   2) Never have a one night stand  3) Never get involved with a playboy.  She had broken all three rules for Hayden. It had been years since had wanted Avery so much. Avery was to make daily reports to Hayden. Hayden thought at least he would see Avery every day. There had been way too much turnover in the hotel’s employees. Also Karen had done a preliminary walk through and found stains on the carpets, cracks in the paint,cobwebs in the corners which were all sins that no five star hotel should be guilty of . Now Avery had something to start with as quality was declining. Hayden felt he should not have stayed away from this hotel for so long but the sound of the ocean and the spray of the ocean only reminded Hayden of a hard dark time in his life.. The memory of laughing blue eyes and bouncing blonde hair filled Aiden’s head The woman’s name was Sophie and she had loved the beach, Hayden couldn’t remember the amount of times Sophia had asked him to take her to someplace warm and exotic. Hayden ha d been too young and a romantic fool. It took a broken heart and shallow life for Hayden to learn nothing lasts.One thing Hayden was  sure of love meant weakness. Hayden also knew he would never let himself  be weak again. Hayden did wonder what he might have had with someone like Avery if Sophia hadn’t destroyed him.

I really enjoyed this book, I liked the plot. I liked the pace most of the time but this did drag at times. I like Hayden and Avery together. I also like Hayden and Avery had been broken hearted yet found each other after knowing each other along time. I liked how Hayden was determined to get Avery for more than the one night he had already had with her. I also liked how descriptive the author had been. I liked how determined Avery was to do a good job at whatever hotel hired her. I would have liked a little more back story on Avery and Hayden but I still loved what we did know of their background. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.