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good story and characters

The Playboy Prince and the Nanny - Donna Alward

The Palace had come to a stop with the sudden death of Crown Prince Raoul wife Princess Cecilia and the long time nanny. Rose had worked hard to get the reputation of a highly thought of and wanted nanny. But Rose had never worked with royalty before.  Rose has been hired to be the nanny now by Prince Diego  and can bring stability, joy, and hope back into the kid's life that had also been in the car accident but were not seriously hurt physically anyway after losing their mother and nanny Prince Diego was he spare prince and is a fun loving playboy when his sister in law dies. Prince Diego finds out about his sister in law’s death he feels he must return to the palace immediately to step up and help his older brother and father. Also make sure his four year old nephew Max and his six year old niece Emilia have what they need and also be there for them and do what he could to help them. Rose likes her privacy especially after she starts to develop feelings for Diego Diego has a big heart and rose sees that and draws her to him. The family also treats Rose like family than the hired help. Diego was conscious of his duty to his country and his family no matter what his reputation was But deep down Diego did want to see the kingdom prosper. Diego wanted more responsibility but his father nor his brother would give it to him. Diego soon finds he is also developing feeling for Rose. Diego.s brother wasn’t really stepping up for the kids in his grief so Diego does so why Diego hires Rose. Rose and Diego are keeping their feelings a secret  from the king. And that bothers Rose as it could hurt her professionally and personally. Then a picture is taken of Rose and Diego and Rose has to decide if to leave or stay. But if rose left the kids would be hurt again.

This was an excellent story. I loved the plot and the pace and everything about it. I am not sure why Diego wanted to keep his and Rose’s relationship from the king. I was glad the king didn’t care what the people thought and supported Diego and Rose. I loved how Diego wanted to do more and really cared about the kingdom. And wasn’t just another rich playboy royal . I also loved how Diego steps up for the kids. I loved Rose and Diego together. This was a fun read after got through the beginning and the tragic deaths. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend. I wish I could rate this 4.5.