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good story and characters

Are You Sleeping - Kathleen L. Barber

Aunt Amelia used to tell us nothing good happens after midnight. As Josie grew older she found trouble is the only thing that happens between midnight and and sunrise. Caleb was three weeks into a trip overseeing Aid workers. Josie worked in  book store Clara was the closest thing Josie had for a friend in N Y. Caleb emailed Josie that the work was going good there and he should be home in another week or so. Josie’s father was Chuck Buhrman. It had been ten years since her father's murder. Warren Case   was seventeen years old when he   had murdered Josie’s father in his own kitchen and Josie’s twin sister Lanie had seen him kill their father. Josie had legally changed her name and traveled abroad for five years before settling down in New York. Josue’s mother couldn’t cope with her husband’s murder and took off to California and joined a cult. Josie and her twin sister Lanie had been left with their aunt Amelia/A.  Lanie strikes out at everyone she loves.  But Poppy Painel is bringing up the question what if Warren didn’t do it and had created a podcast. Warren had been in prison thirteen years already for the murder.  Caleb knows nothing of Josie’s past. Josie hadn’t talked to her twin Lanie in over ten years.

This was a good story and I liked the plot and the pace which was quick. This kept me on the edge of my chair. At times Josie frustrated em but I couldn’t help to still really like her. I also liked Josie;s cousin Ellen and chuckled at her. This book kept my attention with no problem. This also showed how a murder case can completely devastate a family. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.