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The Secret Lives of Rockstars - Suzanne Lazear

Bitsy didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. She had been originally brought up by Drakkons. Then she went and lived with a druid she still called Mum. But now Bitsy was touring with a non-human punk band. The band has an elf, a half breed siren, and a succubus but nobody seems to know what Bitsy is.  Bitsy thinks of the band as her family Bitsy is determined to show she can make it on her own. The oddity about Bitsy was when someone asked her for help she felt she had to help them weather she wanted to or not. Then an Angel asks her to help get rid of Chaos Demons. Bitsy is only eighteen and doesn’t know how to get rid of the demons but she still feels she has to help. But she is also going to need help to do what the Angel has asked. Also the Angel acted like a butt to top it off.

I liked this story but it only got a three because too many things were unanswered and I felt it was mostly a cliffhanger and I hate cliffhangers as anyone who have read my reviews before. But the writing was good. I felt like I was right there with Bitsey . This was a quick read too quick as far as I am concerned. But that is me. I liked finding out with Bitsey what she was and what she could do. For the most part this kept my attention but the ending irritated me. But there are a lot of supernatural species such as elves, trolls, sirens, druids, demons, drakkons, angels, chaos demons, succubus, dragon shapeshifters and more and i really liked that. Anyone who likes urban fantasy should like this. There wasn’t really any romance and I missed that. So all and all not a bad story just didn’t like all the unresolved stuff.