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good story and characters

Under a Blood Moon - Rachel Graves

Mallory was a detective and her partner;s name was Danny. Then Mallory and Danny got a car about a zombie attack with a officer down. Danny said he didn’t know anything could really make zombie. Then Mallory was stunned to drr two real zombies. Mallory was a dead witch and the zombies should have been hers. Mallory had raised a zombie once her husband Greg but she didn’t know she was a death witch. She didn’t know what she had done and Greg had to be put down by the local police. In general nobody liked zombies. Mallory was a detective with Supernatural Investigative Unit. When they got back to the station Danny and Mallory went right to the Lieutenant’s office and he informed  although they weren’t s due for another large case yet they were getting the zombie case. He also told Mallory she would be getting a shadow team which was a pair of detectives working the same case on the opposite side of the clock and that just proved the zombie case was a serious case. The lieutenant thought there was  more going on and Mallory agreed. There were two type of people  that could raise zombies: death witches and Bokors or Voodoo priests. Mallory was the only death witch in the city. Mallory wanted to get out and start asking questions but there was paperwork to file but there was paperwork to file and that kept Mallory busy until the end ofthe day. Mallory didn’t like the summer always meant heat and boredom to Mallory and she was in love with a vampire- Jakob. Jakob was almost six hundred years old and spoke with a German accent.Mallory felt she and Jakob were closer in the half of year they had been together then Mallory and her husband Greg had been after four years of marriage. Phoebe was Mallory’s best friend and closest witch. Phoebe was a spirit witch and the first to recognize Mallory for she was. Then Mallory heard a raspy voice on her old fashioned answering machine and he said “ You took my my zombies I can  forgive that. But you stay out of things that aren’t your business or maybe next time I take you. Mallory was still learning about all things supernatural. It seemed the zombies visited a store that had refused to pay protection money. Rakish the shop owner gave her names names and called other people to talk to her that had been approached for protection money. But nobody seemed to remember much about the two men who had approached them for protection money. The information Mallory and Danny got  ‘was two white men with medium height and then were given a cellphone number the business owner had been given. Then the last shop they stopped at was a chocolate candy store and the owner was a jaguar . The owner -Indigo said he would   email them a video he had from the time the two werewolves had stepped in and asked his shop and asked about what protection he had in the shop. Then Danny and Mallory went to the phonebook to look up Madame Marie’s the name the zombies had mentioned. The first one they visited didn’t sense the push Mallory but it was different with the spiritual guide.

I really enjoyed this story. I loved the plot and the pace and I felt this was well written. I also love the mystery in the story. I liked the Mallory wasn’t conceited or cocky with what she was. I also loved that we were given some of Jakob’s back story. I really loved how Jakob was concerned that he couldn’t get Mallory pregnant and his protectiveness although he went  a little far on that . I would have liked more of Mallory and Jakob meeting and starting out together. I did feel that there didn’t need to be so many sex scenes in this book. I did chuckle while reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.