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Great Book With Great Characters

Past Be Damned (Last Hope Book 2) - Rebecca Royce

After spending 5 years in a demon hell mine and losing her soul mates, Teagan asks her fellow sister to wipe away her memories. She can’t take the growing darkness and the pain she has endured. One day, five mysterious men show up and take an interest in her. Thaddeus, Aidan, Noah, Eric, and Brody had long thought Teagan was dead. When they found out she was still alive, they do everything they can to get back to her.

This was the next story in this author’s Last Hope series. It takes place not too long after the first book. This one moves a bit quicker than the first. I felt bad for Teagan and everything she had endured. I liked how she didn’t just rush in and accept them as soon as she remembered them. Watching Teagan go from so hurt to so powerful was my favorite part. I can’t wait to see what the next story leads.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book