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great story and characters

Hot Cowboy Nights (Lucky Penny Ranch) - Carolyn Brown

Lizzy had tried to sneak into the house and take a shower but her sister Allie and tugged Lizzy toward the table and asked her where she had been. The man Lizzy had slept with- Toby- was also at the table. Mitch- had broken up with Lizzy on the day of Allie’s and Blake’s wedding with a note.  Then  Lizzy’s ex fiance Mitch had left for Mexico with another women. Mitch was a preacher and he and this woman decided to go to Mexico and be missionaries and build a church there. They had only been broken up six months. Toby had met Lizzy  in the winter and then seen her again at his brother Blake’s wedding and felt bad for what had happened to her and asked her to dance and they went from there.  Blake was married to Allie and Toby was Blake’s brother but Lizzy and Toby managed to keep their fling a secret for three weeks but Lizzy decided it was time to cut it off. Toby was a player and Lizzy wanted to settle down and have a family. They decided to remain friends  just no benefits any more. Toby felt he still had a lot of wild oats still to sow.  Toby, Blake, and their cousin had pooled their money and bought the Lucky Penny Ranch and they were determined to make it a profitable ranch.  Then Sharlene decided to set her sights on Toby and and Lizzy learned Mitch was coming back to town with his new women which the gossips who had made a lot out of Mitch leaving town were already spreading how Lizzy was moping around since the split. So Toby and Lizzy decided they would be a fake couple until after the festival. Than Lizzy and Toby decide to amp things up when said gossips were around. Slowly Toby changes his thinking as he spends more time with Lizzy.

I loved this book. I also loved how Lizzy didn’t give up on her dreams after what Mitch had done to her. I laughed at times while reading this book. I love the plot and pace of this story. I also loved how close Lizzy and her mom Kate and sister Allie were. I loved how Toby mentally argued with himself about Lizzy and his feelings. I also loved how Lizzy stood up to Mitch when he did come back to town. I also loved how Blake and Toby were determined to make the ranch profitable. I loved the characters of this stories and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.