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great story and characters

The Sheikh's Pregnant Fling (Azhar Sheikhs Book 2) - Leslie North

Cassandra was a matchmaker  and had successfully matched at least thirty couples. She is also usually invited to the weddings of her couples. Cassandra was at one such wedding and kept locking eyes with a hot man it had to be at least five times their eyes had locked so maybe the man was as interested in Cassandra as she was him. The man came to the table Cassandra was at and sat down next to her. His name was Nasir Everything about Nasir screamed wealth and the cool air of luxury. Cassandra didn’t plan on finding her match any time soon. Her life was too busy right now. Cassandra never wanted to get married. Her parents marriage had seemed picture perfect to the world but in reality it was anything but. Then Nasir got a phone call and there was an emergency at work and he had to leave the reception but he gave Cassandra his business card and told her to call or text him since he would like to get to know her, Cassandra called Nasir and they set up a date to go out to eat. Cassandra got tipsy and slept with Nasir after their first date and that wasn’t her style. Then Cassandra got an email from her boss and she was given a new client and it was Nasir. After that Cassandra would not respond to Nasir’s emails or calls. Then Cassandra finds out she is pregnant.

I loved this story , it was a fast and very enjoyable read. I loved the plot as well as the pace. I especially loved the ending. This was a quick sweet romance. I loved how Nasir knew right from the beginning there was something very something about him and Cassandra. I also loved how Nasir had planned the thank you dinner for Cassandra. I could not find anything to complain about in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.