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great story and characters

His Command: A Playboy Genie Romance - Sophie H. Morgan

Hailey would have had a really bad fall if Ryder had not caught her. Ryder notices a has been his deep sadness in Hailey’s eyes. Ryder is Immortal and all his life sadness in someone has been his weakness as Ryder cares about how people feel.  Ryder is a genie and starts to care for Hailey but she needs complete control. Hailey had been dumped by Ethan the man she had proposed to and now she has to plan a genie party and her Ethan’s wedding to another woman. Then Hailey feels more than she should for Ryder.  Ryder and his twin had a very sad past. Hailey has worked hard to be a wedding planner so she must do a good job with Ethan’s wedding.

I enjoyed this book a lot. But it did drag at times for me but not enough to stop reading. I felt Ethan was a butt and Hailey was lucky to be rid of him. I did chuckle at times while reading this. You did get to see Hailey grow throughout this book and I enjoyed that. I loved how Ryder still worked hard to be with Hailey even after she broke up with him. I felt this romance was realistic. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend this.