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Two Nights: A Novel - Kathy Reichs

Sundey/.Sunnie was once a highly decorated cop but was now a recluse. Sunnie had retired after an altercation with a   suspect and she had shot the suspect and he died and Sunnie also ended up with a permanent disability as she had lost an eye and there was scarring. Sunnie is haunted by what had happened and now has low self esteem. Sunnie was ex military after serving in Afghanistan. Sunnie didn’t want to sit behind a desk and retired instead. Opaline Drucker had lost a daughter and grandson during a terrorist attack. Her granddaughter Stella is missing. Sunnie had a very bad childhood. Sunnie’s only friends are Beau and a squirrel.  Sunnie’s  foster father Beau to look into Opaline’s  family’s  year old cold case. The attack had been a bombing on a Jewish school. Stella was assumed to be kidnapped or dead. Sunnie decides to take the case and is hired to find the girl and the people responsible for the attack. Sunnie was being helped by her twin brother Gus.

I had a lot of mixed feelings concerning this book. It was a quick reads with a fast pace. But I couldn’t seem to connect with Sunnie. I found this frustrated me at times also. The bad guys seemed like amateurs to me and yet the cops couldn’t solve the case. I would have liked more background on Sunnie But I did enjoy the book somewhat and really liked the twists.