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Fly Away with Me - Susan  Fox

Edna was a lawyer but now she had taken a week off work to go to Destiny Island and try to find her mother’s long lost sister Lucy. Edna was a program counsel for the Butterworth Foundation which  involved administrative and legal duties. But the best thing in Edna’s world was her family- her parents and her younger sister Kelsey.   Edna was going to the island by seaplane and the plane was being flown by Aaron Gabriel. Edna was not really  adventurous and firmly believed in schedules. Edna liked order an predictability and situations she could control.   . Edna’s mom was fragile after a double mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation and she desperately wanted to see her sister Lucy again. Edna and Ray had broke up after four years so to say it had been a hell of a year ….. Edna found she was attracted to Aaron. Until a year ago Edna had  been happy and uncomplicated. Edna had her family , her terrific job, and Ray. But then her grandmother died, her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and then Ray and Edna had broken up. Then a week after the chemo and radiation Edna’s mom was still feeling sick and depressed and then a week ago Edna’s mom had found a clue to Lucy’s  disappearance. Aaron was attracted to Edna but he was a sworn bachelor. Edna is a serious uptight woman and Aaron was an easy going and only close to his sister and niece. Aaron was all fun and short term goals. Aaron told Edna the people were quirky at Destiny Island and didn’t care for outsiders but Aaron offered to help Edna get a foot in the door. Lucy had come to Destiny Island in the 1960’s to join a commune with her boyfriend.

I liked this story but it had a few things that bothered me. However I did feel it was well written and had a good plot. At times the story dragged for me and was hard to keep my attention on the story. For the most part I thought had a believable aspect to it.  I thought Aaron was a little too pushy at first as he knew from talking to Edna she had been through a lot in the last year. So i liked the characters and the ins and outs to a point but I still had mixed feelings on this book. But I do wish I could have rated it a 3.5.