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great story and characters

All I Ever Wanted (The Heartthrob Series Book 1) - LuAnn McLane

Grady  said no to offering Arabella the job of choreographer for the reunion concert . Oliver, Jesse, and Jimmy- all Grady’s brothers- protested. They were doing the Heartbreak reunion in honor of their late mom. But Arabella had walked out on Grady and wouldn’t believe he was innocent of cheating and wouldn’t take Grady’s calls but that was twelve years ago. Grady said he would do anything to help find a cure for Lupus. Including a cheesy boy band reunion. The brothers had been in a boy band called Heartbeat many years earlier. Arabella now had a business called Hip, Hop, and Health and seemed to be doing well so Grady thought. When the brothers had ended the boy band Heartbeat they moved home to Sea Breeze, Florida as their mom’s health had gotten worse and she had hidden a lot while they had done their world tour. Grady had been the biggest target of the Paparazzi back when Heartbeat was still together as he was the oldest and the front man of Heartbeat. Jimmy was the quiet voice of reason and had held everything together. It had been a wild four year ride for the brothers. Jimmy was a songwriter now and happiest when he and his guitar were on his balcony. Arabella had been the only one to ever break Grady’s heart he had never gotten over her. Grady nor his brothers were into lasting relationships at this time of their lives nor had they been other than Grady with Arabella. After the boys lost their dad in a fatal car crash and losing their mom to a horrible disease that attacked her body they knew how much it hurt to lose someone you love. Whoever came up with the notion losing love was better than never having loved was certifiable crazy as far as the brothers were concerned. Arabella’s dance studio was in financial trouble and she would do anything she had to as long as she kept her business going. Oliver had called Arabella a week after the brothers had been trying to get the moves the brothers had done as teenagers right. It had been thirteen years ago when Grady had broken Arabella’s heart. Arabella had expanded to fast with her dance studio and if she didn’t want to bring Maxine and all her horrible ideas for change into her business she really didn’t have a choice but to take the job offered to her by Oliver. Besides the three months by the ocean with free accommodations in a beautiful home. But Arabella knew confronting Grady would be hard. Arabella wanted to turn around and go back to LA but she needed the money this job would pay her for her business.

I loved this story and I especially loved the ending. A very sweet second chance romance. This had a great plot and pace. I loved the relationship between the brothers. I also loved the relationship between Arabella and the brothers. This was just a great fast read and I couldn’t find anything to complain about which was great. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.