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great story and characters

Look Behind You - Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen

Kendra was a music therapist and studied the chart of a nine year old Ryan who was in a wheelchair. He was borderline catatonic, he has been suffering from spine and head injuries from the same boating accident that had killed his dad. Music therapy had been recommended to Janice who was Ryan’s mother. Then Special FBI agent Roland Metcalf entered Kendra’s studio. Kendra had known Roland a couple of years but didn’t know the woman with him. Special FBI agent Gina Carson. Then Rolland said said there has been three murders in eight days - the third one not far from Kenda’s studio. Roland’s boss Special Agent in Charge Griffin wanted Kendra to join them. For the first twenty years of her life Kendra had been blind. Then an experimental surgical procedure had given Kendra her sight. Kendra had helped crack over a dozen cases in the past few years. Many of the cases would have went unsolved without Kendra stepping in. Her last case with the FBI had been physically and emotionally draining and she needed to step back and heal for a time but if she owed Roland’s boss Griffin as he had helped out when of friend of Kendra’s had been in deep trouble. So Kendra agreed to go to the crime scene. Zachery sat on the bench and wondered if Kendra had met Pretty Amanda yet. Zachery was no amateur and there was no one like him in all their books and chats. He didn’t know if Kendra was even there he had already been disappointed twice. It was a plan years in the making he could wait a little longer. When Kendra finally gave Zachery the attention he deserved then his game would be on. Kendra best friend was Olivia. Olivia and Kendra had attended a school for visually impaired. Olivia had lost her sight in a childhood car accident and still hoped one day she too would see like Kendra. Kendra and Olivia lived in the same building Kendra was one floor above Olivia. Lynch called Kendra from China to see what was going on. Lynch and Kendra’s chemistry was hot but as of yet nothing had been done about it. Lynch then finds out Kendra is being targeted by Zachery and Kendra awakes to a furious Lynch in her bedroom. Lynch was so mad because Kendra hadn’t told him about being targeted and Lynch did what he had t do to find out what he needed to know as he knew Kendra was keeping something important from him.

This was a great book that I really enjoyed. The plot was great as was the pace. I also loved the surprises and action of this story. I loved how Kendra was so protective of those she cared about even her client Ryan and his mom. I also loved how protective Lynch was of Kendra and wouldn’t take no from her for the most part and it was for her own good. I also loved how Kendra reacted when Zachary had hurt Lynch it showed how very human she was.I couldn’t find anything to complain about. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.