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good story and characters

Schooling the Viscount - Maggie Robinson

Henry had been exiled to Cotswold to a village all the people looked innocent and untouched of any type of debauchery or depravity. The whole place Henry is at is set up to help people “ clean up their act”, rehabilitate them,. Every person in the village helps the “ guest” . there are rules: the pub only serves soda, all guests must walk daily, the Vicar counsels the guests, and the guests are not allowed any sweets.  Henry is to stay one month unless the Vicar deems Henry needs more time to reform.   Henry was so bored. Henry felt at twenty five and having done service for his country as he had been in the army six years and had been hurt physically as well as mentally he was too old to be treated like a child. After all he was a Viscount. Henry was partially lame and partially deaf in one ear and he also has nightmares and he knows he needs help with them. Henry had been raising a lot of cane since  he got out of the service but when he brought home two ladies of the night  his father had enough. Henry has tea with the Vicar every day but that doesn’t help with the boredom. One of the things he had to do was walk everyday Henry decided to deviate from his regular path and he found a schoolhouse. The teacher there was Rachel Everett and Henry couldn’t resist and kisses her. Rachel knows she isn’t suppose to have anything to do with a “ guest”  that comes to the village. Rachel enjoys the kiss and then slaps Henry and tells him to leave her alone. But Henry doesn’t listen and they see to bump into each other a lot now.  Henry is very persuasive and is willing to fight for what he wants which is Rachel. If Rachel gives into the temptation to see Henry she will end up losing her job. Also the word would get out the rehabilitation did not work and the village would also lose  all future guests and that was the village’s  source of income. Then Henry tells Rachel he wants to marry her and she tells Henry he is crazy.

I liked this story a lot. I felt it was well written and  liked the plot and the pace a lot. I felt the romance was also at a good pace. I like the idea of a village that was set up like this one and having “ guests to help”. I chuckled when reading this and wondered if everything would work out ok. This did keep my attention no problem. I liked the way the PTSD was presented. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.