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The Witch?s House - Charlotte Armstrong

Elihu/Pat O’Shea  was a young mathematics instructor, he was used to using his mind and not his fingers. Pat didn’t like the Professor across the hall Everette Adams who was a Professor of biology. Pat thought Professor Adams had taken a objective lens but couldn’t prove it. Pat purses Everette to the parking lot, then follows him to a dead end road. Everette hits Pat in the head with a rock then takes his wallet and drives off with Pat’s car. Everette Thinks he had killed Pat. Then Pat is found by a Mrs. Pryde who is known to be a witch. Mrs. Pryde thinks Pat is her son Johnny who had been executed several years ago. Pat had a wound to his head, a wound to his arm, and a broken leg. Pat’s wife is Anabel who is worried where Pat is and starts to look for him. The police wouldn’t really help Anabel. Everette has also disappeared and Ellie his second wife doesn’t seem to want her husband or Pat found.

I didn’t care for this story. It was ok I guess but it didn’t keep my attention. It also didn’t keep my interest and I found myself bored trying to read this. I'm sure others will enjoy this.