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good story and characters

Shelby (The Deadly Agendas Series) - Katie Murphy

Alan wisher he was as brave as Dr Martin Luther King Jr. He was getting ready to sacrifice his life and the safety of his family and he was resentful and unhappy about it. In one month he will have been a part of the extraction of Tijuana’s top drug cartel boss Felix Guterrey and bring Felix to the US to face and be tried for the numerous felonies including twelve murders of border control officers at the San Diego club Subterranio. The raid was the bloodiest incident in America during the Border Wars. Everyone had screamed for justice. Alan was the U S Secretary Of State and Alan is being pushed to to close all dealings with Mexico and deport all immigrants. It came out from reports from the border patrol that there was a tunnel that went from Tijuana Mexico to the nightclub. After that Mexico did offer to cooperate. But it wasn’t enough. Jesse Adams met with Alan at the Dr, King Memorial. Jesse said Alan called and he came as always. Alan said he knew he could always rely on Jesse. Jesse was are tired Navy Seal. Alan said he needed to cash in on the favor that Jesse said he owed Alan. Alan told Jesse he needed Jesse to protect his daughter Shelby.  Shelby was reading her column in The Washington Post’s website. It was empowering to see her thoughts and her opinions validated by DC’s most influential newspaper. Shelby had a date tonight with her almost fiance Jack. Shelby got a text from her dad that he wanted to see her down in his home office. Alan was mad Shelby had told her dad that she would quit the paper when it became dangerous and Alan felt like Shelby should now quit. It was a terrorist organization that had sent a letter threatening Shelby’s life. Shelby felt her dad would go down in history as the most successful diplomat to ever hold the Secretary Of State office. Then Shelby’s father brought in Jesse and his security detail. Jesse made Shelby feel soft, feminine. Something no one had ever done before. But Shelby would never be with the hired help and Jesse thought Shelby was spoiled and headstrong.

I liked this story and I liked the plot and pace. This was fast moving and had enjoyable surprises. I was surprised from the end but I did enjoy it. This book did keep my interest I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.