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Paintbrush - Hannah Bucchin

   Josie wondered what a normal school morning was like. People watching was a prime activity of the Indian Paintbrush Community Village For Substantial Living. Paintbrush is a commune, a safe haven for mountain folk, hippies, eco-freaks, spiritualists, and any lost soul Myra Gilligan the founder takes in. As a result things were pretty bizarre around the commune. Josie and Mitchell were graduating HS in a month. Mitchell and Josie were the only two kids growing up in Paintbrush- although Josie did have two younger sisters. Josie’s family had moved to Paintbrush almost twelve years ago when she was six. Mitchell can’t wait to leave Paintbrush and he works very hard to be a “ normal kid”- captain of the swim team. advanced placement and student council. Josie looks the part of a hippie and is happiest when she is outside gardening. In Mitchell’s opinion Josie looks like she just stepped out of Woodstock. Mitchell’s parents had been young corporate lawyers then they married and had Mitchell and then a big epiphany and sold their apartment and car and all their things and moved to Paintbrush when Mitchell was four. Mitchell’s parents seem so in love then one night at dinner Mitchell’s mom Carrie announces she has fallen in love with a newcomer that had only been there about six months named Joe and Joe loved Carrie. Joe looked like a surfer type to Mitchell.  Mitchell is furious and his dad John looks devastated and Mitchell took off. Mitchell got back to Paintbrush early in the morning and Josie was sitting on her porch as she had been worried about Mitchell and wanted to make sure he was ok.

I didn’t really enjoy this to be honest. I found it a little dull and boring. I read  until I just couldn’t read anymore and was done making myself. It just didn’t interest me. I am sure others will really enjoy this story.