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Storm Wolf - Jane Godman

Odessa couldn’t believe she was having sex with a man she didn’t know and the best sex of her life. Also it was the night before the most important business presentation of her life. Odessa and this man were both werewolves. They had been in the darkest part of the garden but still could have gotten caught. But now that it was over neither of them seemed to know what to say. He said this wasn’t something he usually did but it had been great. The man was an Arctic wolf and Odessa was Siberian and their packs were enemies. It was a good thing the sex was a one night thing as the Arctic wolves are the wolves that killed her father Santin. Santin had been the leader of the Siberian wolves and as of twelve months ago Odessa became the Siberian wolves leader.  Dan Lowell was the Arctic wolf and he didn’t know who Odessa was just that she was a Siberian wolf. Dan didn’t do crazy and what had happened was crazy. Dan was the sensible one, the intellectual wolf of the elite Arctic Werewolves Of The Midnight Sun. Dan was the one to be counted on to do the right thing, and urge caution. Having sex with a Siberian stranger was not the right thing to do. Dan’s passion was the protection of the Arctic environment and Odessa was following in her father’s footsteps and seemed to be determined on messing up the fragile ecosystem. Dan had tried to contact Odessa with no success so he followed her to Florida. Serene was Odessa’s assistant and has seen Odessa kiss Dan and then grab her underwear. Five years Odessa had worked for people to to accept her in the online gaming field. At last Serpent's  Eye was ready and the first in the nine clan series. An online fantasy game with a linked board game in which the microchip physical pieces moved in time with the onscreen action. Santin Creation was Odessa’s baby, her creation. It had taken everything Odessa had for people to see passed her youth and inexperience to give  her a chance. Odessa did things to Dan that made every second with her a battle of self control both his temper and his ability to keep his hands off her and it didn’t matter who she was. Dan was the director of the  Institute For Research In The Arctic Environment and the world’s leader on the Arctic ecosystem.

I loved this story { as i have the others in this series} and i loved the plot and pace of this book. I loved how love overcame everything. I loved Dan and Odessa together. I loved how the brothership of the midnight sun were still together and strong and close no matter how long in between seeing each other. I loved the showing of the Goddess and she being both Odessa grandmother and great grandmother. I just loved this whole story and as I said have loved this whole series I can’t wait to get to the next one and it is already downloaded. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.