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good story and characters

Hidden, The: A British police procedural set in the 1970s (Monika Panitowski Mystery) - Sally Spencer

Chief Constable Ronald Pickering was going to the Backend Woods area. He was only acting as the Chief Constable until George Baxter let go of the position. He was perpetually auditioning for the job he was already doing. So every new crisis was a test and it was more than possible losing one of his Senior Officers might be regarded as careless. A roadblock had been set up about a half a mile from the gate leading in. Beyond the roadblock there was evidence of a serious criminal investigation already underway. There were patrol cars, an ambulance, and a Land Rover which belonged to Dr. Shastri - the police surgeon already there. So it was probable that Monika Paniatowski was still there- Pickering’s Senior Officer. What had Monika been doing there and where were her kids? But the kids were accounted for. Monika was still breathing but was in a coma so she couldn’t say anything as she had brutally attacked. Pickering asked if all the people leaving had been questioned Beresford said they were taking names and addresses as they didn’t have the manpower to question everyone leaving. Pickering said when DCI Dixon got there Beresford and the other officers there were to leave and Beresford felt it would be better if he stayed  but he was told that that the decision had already been made but then Beresford said he and two others would resign and do their own investigation so Pickering decided to reassign three of the officers to DCI Dixon’s team.. Beresford and the other officers said Monika had been their boss. DCI Dixon was known for getting results. Monika could hear everything and knew who her attacker was and that her daughter was in the killer’s sights but being in a coma she couldn’t say a word or do anything about the knowledge she had. Beresford, Meadows, and Crane didn’t agree with Dixon and his team. There seems to be a sinister cult operating in Whitebridge but the police need to uncover this cult. Nearby where Monika had been found the body of a teenage female was also found. Monika wonders what her team and family would do as they always came to her for advice.

This was a well written story that definitely kept my my attention. I really liked this and it had a good plot and pace. This cult was definitely evil. I liked that the officers under Monika were willing to do whatever they had to do as long as they found the person/people who attacked their boss even resign and ruin their career if that’s what it took. It was frustrating that all the information Monika had and could not give. All and all a good read and I recommend.