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great story and characters

Forbidden Blood (Volume 1) by R.L. Kenderson (2014-07-01) - R.L. Kenderson

Anaya/ Naya is a vampire princess. She was in line to go into Pulse a very popular nightclub to meet her best friend Kenzie  who is a human and was already inside. Pulse is one of the hottest spots for entertainment in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Naya was very tense as her parents were preparing an arranged marriage for her.Minneapolis and St. Paul are separated by the Mississippi River. Naya didn’t approve of the vampire rules especially the one where all vampires were supposed to live on the St’ Paul side.  All of a sudden Naya’s heart pounded with  exhilaration, she hadn’t felt that in a long time as she felt someone’s attention on her. Naya tried to locate her admirer but couldn’t . Vampires only existed on Vampire blood, they could drink human blood but it would not sustain them. The new feeling was gone in a short time and Naya was more depressed than earlier. Kenzie went up to a couple of guys and was talking to them. Naya wished she had the male of her choice to fall in love with. Instead she would mate with the parents her parents chose for her.  There would be no passion in her mating and if she had children they would be out of duty not love. Her parents were looking for for a future king not a future mate. Then Naya felt a burning sensation, it had to be her watcher that warmed her from her inside out. Then Naya went up to the bar for a drink and the only open space is near a very drunk guy who sorely needed a shower. The drunk tried to hit on Naya and was becoming insistent when Naya said she was with someone  hoping the drunk   would leave her alone.  Then Naya senses a presence behind her and it was in anticipation, excitement, arousal, and exhilaration fused in one engulfing feeling. He just put an arm around her waist and kissed her neck  and told her to go along with him.  He played up to the drunk they were together.  Then he told Naya his name was Vaughn. Then he asked Naya if she was okay and if the guy had scared her. Naya said she was fine. Vaughn had been staring at the most beautiful face he had ever seen.  Vaughn first saw Naya when she walked into the club and he immediately wanted her. It had been awhile since Vaughn had been with a woman.  Vaughn planned to go to Naya but he didn’t her to see him spying on her like a stalker. He wanted her to relax first he could tell Naya was edgy. He had come to the club with his friend and coworker Sawyer in hopes of getting a feeling for the club. Then Vaughn saw the very drunk man hit on Naya and that made him mad.  Then Vaughn  heard Naya tell the drunk she was with someone  and he knew she had come alone so Vaughn went to Naya to act as the someone she was suppose to be with. And it gave him an excuse to touch her.  Then Vaughn asked Naya to dance. Later that evening Arianna who was Naya’s cousin was preparing for first dinner of the evening. She was waiting with her aunt Celeste  and uncle Marek who were the King and Queen of the vampire species. Arianna did not understand why Naya wanted to be with humans. Payton was in the family room when Sawyer stormed in Payton had known Sawyer since she was a little girl. He was like a second older brother. Payton’s father was Sawyer’s boss and Vaughn was her brother.

I absolutely loved this book another new favorite. I loved how Naya wanted to be herself  yet tried to do as her parents wanted as she knew her place in Vampire society and that she was the next in line to be Queen and let her pick out who was to her mate and future King.  I also loved how Naya stepped down when in front of the council and asked to be mated to Vaughn. I wasn’t too happy with Naya’s parents but then her father although King was not willing to lose his daughter or his future  grandkids. I also loved that Naya volunteered at an animal center and saved Max. I loved how Vaughn for the most part was very gentle and loving to Naya even when Naya questioned his with her because she was pregnant. I loved the plot and pace of this story. I loved the forbidden romance part of this story. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I highly recommend.