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good story and characters

Between the Devil and the Duke (A Season for Scandal) - Kelly Bowen

Lady Angelique’s opponents were all drunk she had made sure of it. Drunk card players were foolish card players. Lady Angelique had a mask on as all the ladies who came to this club and it itched but she had to leave it on as a fortnight from now she had to do this all again. There were not many places in London where a lady could gamble. At least the sort that went beyond pin money, But Lady Angelique could go to Lavoie’s and it was exclusive, catering to individuals that possessed titles and wealth, power, or a combination of the three. Angelique was desperate. Angelique has a brain and uses it to keep her family afloat.  Alexander/Alec Lavoie watched the lady in the gold gown she had been here twice before and it wasn’t to socialize, not to indulge in the extra’s Alexander made available for  his patrons: liquor, tobacco, exotic sweets, or fine foods. What Alec did know was the lady was all business. Alec was fairly sure she was in fact a lady.  If she went by her two previous times being at Lavoie's she would be leaving soon as she never stayed longer than  three hours. Angelique’s winning had became her family’s only source of income. Alec came to the table Angelique was at when the Baron being crude and not letting go of her wrist and had grabbed her left breast. Alec is not a Lord but he does have a lot power.  Angelique’s parents are dead, her father had recently been killed in a carriage accident.  With her father’s death went the secret to where their vast fortune had disappeared. Angelique’s brother Gerald the Marquis now is useless and going through what money they did have. Angelique has to make enough money to keep her twelve year old twin brothers in school. Her place in society as a Lady she is not suppose to work. Alec and Angelique are attracted to each other but would society let them be together without becoming a scandal?

I liked this book. I liked that Angelique had a brain and used it to help her family. This story had a good pace. This kept my attention through the whole book. I didn’t like Gerald especially when he stole the money Angelique had for the school tuition for the twins. I loved the romance. I liked how Alex gave Angelique a job I am not sure why he did but was glad he did. I would have liked more background on Alec. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.