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good story and characters

Bound - Jen Colly

Keur is a vampire who can be invisible which is good for a spy and assassin. Which Keir was for Lady Arianne whom he owed a life debt as Keir is a condemned killer who must stay in the shadows so he won’t be found and killed. Lady Arianne is the last of her bloodline and has many enemies who want to see her dead  and has had an assassination attempt on her life. Arianne is the Lord of Galbraith- one of the Cities Below. Lady Adrianne is well protected between Keir and her Captain of the Guard Wolfe Rye. They together try to find out who was behind the assassination attempt. Cleopatra /Cleo is from a rich family and Keir has watched her from afar and cares for her but knows he is very below her and nothing could ever become of ehr and Kier. Then Lady Arianne sends Keir as her Emissary to another City Below- Balinese - to offer aid if needed as there have been reports of Demon attacks. Kier is then severely injured on his way back from a demon attack and falls from the air and lands at Cleo’s feet. Cleo takes care of Keir and he lives, Cleo has never really fit into her station in life as all those around her just want more money and power but all Cleo wants is peace. Cleo’s only friend is Lady Arianne. Cleo is very drawn to Keir and doesn’t even know his name. Cleo hears Keir has died and shuts down. But then she sees Keir again and goes after him. Cleo feels Keir is her other half and Keir finds peace and happiness when he is with Cleo but he can’t have a relationship with her as he owes Lady Arianne a life debt.

I liked this story a lot a little of a different twist on a paranormal story. I wish I had read the first book as I was a bit confused at times. But this book has so much to it: Secrecy, deceit, back stabbing ways, vampires, assassins, demons, intrigue, court life, kidnapping, assault, drama, danger, romance, loyalty, life debt,  forbidden love and so much more. I wish this story had been a little longer. I loved Cleo and Keir together. This had a good plot and also kept my attention all the way through to the end of the book. I liked the two cousins of Lady Arianne that show up at the end also. I liked the hidden societies. I loved the build up to romance. I liked the characters a lot and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.