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A Bride for a Day - Pam Binder

Michael thought how funny it was that traveling to Scotland brought up the topic of how to repair his reputation. Michael was a super bowl winning football player and lived large or at least that is what the press told everyone. Harold had been Michael’s best friend since grammar school and was also his manager now. They had played HS and college football together. Now Harold was a lawyer. Both Michael and Harold had been accepted at Stanford Law School but Michael chose football for his career. Michael was secretly engaged to a married supermodel Tatiana who was to be working on getting a divorce from her husband who was a football player from a rival team to Michaels. Michael was up for a lead row in a major motion picture, Michael had told Harold he wanted the part. Harold told Michael the football fans won’t care who Michael marries but the producers of the film did. Michael needed an image adjustment and marriage to the right person would solve the issue. Harold felt Tatiana was deliberately inventing reasons to delay the divorce. Harold told Michael he looked out for everyone else someone had to look out for him. Tatiana came up with the idea of a fake wedding to help Michael’s image. Harold picked CC to marry Michael. CC’s father had leukemia and CC was sending her paycheck to her siblings of her father’s care. But CC’s dream was to have her own sandwich shop. If CC agrees to the fake wedding  she will get a bonus that will cover her father’s medical  expenses and have enough to help start her sandwich shop. That way the press will believe Michael is really ready to settle down and his football contract would be renewed and he would get the part he wanted in the movie. After a fair amount of time they will put out a press release that the marriage was a mistake. Michael paid CC’s salary but she worked for Tatiana and her mother. Even though this was to be a fake marriage it was freaking CC out . The Matchmaker Sisters have CC and Michael travel back in time by going through one of their magical doors so they have time to bond. The Matchmakers Cafe is owned by the three sisters who sometimes ad guests travel back in time.

This didn’t really work for me. I didn’t believe you could set up a wedding in one day. I also didn’t understand Tatiana wanting her man to marry fake or not. I don’t particularly like time travel stories and just didn’t really enjoy this one. I am sure there are many people who will love this book just not me.