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good story and characters

My Highlander Husband - Nancy Pennick

Juliet’s mother felt Scotsmen were greedy and stingy and not to be trusted . But for the good of God and country she will let Juliet go. King George had given orders that Juliet come to Scotland and married the Laird’s son Ross. The Scots and English had a tentative relationship and the marriage would help bond the countries, hopefully preventing war. Juliet was the daughter of the Duke of Manchester. Castle Glenhaven is where Juliet would now call home. Juliet loved Lord John Alder but left him on England . Nothing could fill that void so Juliet felt at the time. John was the son of the Duke of Essex. John had fought, begged her father, and offered money to no avail. No one could contest the King’s order. Juliet would only have her maid with her which in private Juliet said was her best friend. Then Juliet was introduced to Ross and he was the most beautiful man Juliet had ever seen. Ross could not take his eyes off the beautiful woman that was to be his bride in two days. Ross took Juliet for a walk after their first dinner together and  asked if he could kiss her and Juliet agreed. Juliet had never been kissed like that before and not in a bad way. The next morning Ross was as attentive to Juliet as he could be. The next day Ross and Juliet would be married and Ross looked forward to it. As Juliet and Ross spend time together as husband and wife their feelings develop. Ross leaves for a Jacobite causes and his father pushes Juliet to leave with John. But John isn’t the same man Juliet knew in England He is determined to make Juliet his. It doesn’t matter to him Juliet is married to Ross now and has feelings for her husband. John Threatens to blackmail the MacLarens saying they were Jacobite supporters and traitors. Juliet would do whatever she had to as long as it protected the family she had grown to love.I really enjoyed this story. It had a good plot. This kept my attention all the way through the book. I loved how sweet and gentle Ross was with Juliet before and after they were married. I loved Juliet and Ross as a couple. I also loved how Ross was with his sister Glynes. But I didn’t feel the end was really finished and didn't really care for that. I did enjoy the action and twists. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this story and I recommend.