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good story and characters

Blood Freed - Traci Douglass

Liz was training to become the gang’s Oracle with her sister  Anna over the last couple of months. She noticed a definite shift in the strength of her powers From her earliest memories she had always been able to do the normal psychic stuff like: talk to the dead, astral projection, even predict the future a little though that was tricky. Liz clutched  the oblong green and fuchsia tourmaline pendant around her neck and waited for the next line of the ancient invocation. After all Liz and Anna were forming permanent psychic link with the entire Blood Ravagers MC. Liz struggled not to giggle. This was not the way the Oracle Binding ceremony was suppose to end. This was to end with the twin sisters Anna and Liz becoming the Oracles  connecting Liz and Anna mentally and emotionally with all the club’s members. Anna told Liz she had never seriously committed to anything in her life. Dante and Anna were expecting their first child and was the MC president.Dante asked the old priest why he shouldn’t kill him as the old priest was not an actual member of the club but told them part of the parts to the incantation was missing and he was the only one who knew where they could find the information they needed to complete the ceremony. The idea of Liz binding herself to anyone or anything let alone an entire MC filled her with bone deep paralyzing fear. Liz loved Seven and her club. This was Liz’s home now. If there was something wrong with the ritual they would just have to fix it before proceeding Waiting didn’t mean Liz would run but give her  a chance to say goodbye to her old life, her carefree old ways, her freedom…. Dante had a half pain demon side. The gang had fought long and hard to make Seven and the entire town of Salvation a safe haven  for all otherworlders  - pure and half breed. The Blood Ravagers are a MC composed of outcasts and half breeds.

Then Liz felt a stirring deep inside her- a frightening feeling. The feeling felt like something Liz had longed for her whole life. The stirring inside her felt like destiny. Dex felt more comfortable behind the bar. But Dante called Dex and Dex didn’t have many friends but Dante was one so he answered. He owed Dante his life. Dex was Dante’s closest confidant and a wolf shifter. Twenty years Dex had run building a new identity , a new life. Every gang member heard  howls and waited for the attack all had weapons but then nothing happened. Word was Rev used to work for the Council as a top assassin. Then one day Rev mysteriously left the Council behind which was all but an impossible feat since no one in the Underworld left the Council behind. But deep down Dex didn’t think Rev was a traitor. Dex itched to pull Liz in his arms and keep her safe from all harm. But Dex came to terms long ago he was destined to life his life alone. Dex considered the gang his adopted family- Dante had taken Dex in when no one else would and for that he would protect them all with what was left of his worthless life. Then dante tells Dex he must go with Liz to try to find the Historian who is suppose to have the key to  all the knowledge of the Underworld.  Each full moon brought a rut cycle for wolf shifters. Dex had planned to head into Cheyanne to deal with his needs. But it was a double whammy as it was a rare blue moon. But if Liz and Dex were together twenty four- seven chances are high Dex wouldn’t be able to stop himself from taking Liz when the hunger grew to strong and his animal side took over. Dante told Dex hs decision was final and Dante trusted Dex to keep Liz safe under pain of death. Rev would provide backup as needed. Liz should be happy after all Dante handed her what she said she wanted which was a chance to show everyone once and for all she was every bit as competent and committed and courageous as the rest. When Liz was little her franma compared Liz to a wild pony and said Liz was always running, always searching, skittish, and untamed. Liz felt that Dex was gorgeous, even if Dex was a bit cold and aloof. Most of the time when Dex wasn’t serving drinks or food or quoting some obscure Shakespeare line, he barely spoke two words.Dex was haunted by his past.  Liz had been picked on alot for her strange ways, she had learned quick tears were a sign of weakness. Then Liz felt a pain slice through her right temple and blood was on her hand from her nose. Then Dex told her it was the Oracle for the rivals The Soul Crushers She was Ursula and with a wolf shifter named Zane..The Blood Ravages had enemies that wanted to destroy the MC.

I enjoyed this story . it made me chuckle at times. I loved Liz and Dex became each other's strength. I loved the adventure and action. This story draws you in and keeps you attention until the last page of this story. I loved Dex and Liz together and was rooting for them . I loved how even though she was scared Liz wanted to commit to being half of the Oracle team . I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.