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good story and characters

Full Force (Central Florida Pack) (Volume 2) - Chudney Thomas

Selena held a tranquilizer gun on the drugged alpha werewolf . Her other teammate Wallace bolted the door and said he didn’t understand why the council want an enraged alpha across the country was a good idea and Selena replied neutral territory. Thomas and Selena had been together for awhile until she realized Thomas didn’t feel like she did. Thomas was a cold person but was still protective of Selena hurt even if he didn’t want her.the werewolf had went to swipe at her but Thomas stepped in the way and took the swipe. Thomas didn’t see the danger of him treating her as a woman instead of a guard soldier was doing to the team, The Council was the governing body of werewolf kind. And their purpose was to protect them and nd keep order. Thomas on the Ria Marlett  detail as far as Selena was concerned it was a babysitting job. James and Drake did not like the idea of so many alpha wolves gathered in one hotel. But the Council wanted them all in the same place. So they could keep an eye on all the alphas coming and goings could be tracked. They wanted the Guard to keep the peace and gather intelligence. Drake would go to war for his mate and James would be right there with him. James was also Drake’s second. Ria was his alpha, best friend’s mate, and his friend. The Central  Florida Wolf Pack was home and he would do anything to protect it. James was lonely. Neither James nor his wolf liked Selena putting herself at risk. But he appreciated the show of strength and the political savvy she displayed in doing so. Over the past two days. James had held Selena’s attention  Selena felt protective toward Ria. James smelt like salt water and clean breeze to Selena. Drake will face Angel because he was the Arizona Alpha who was responsible for an attempt made on Ria’s life Selena is off limits to James as she is a guard and forbidden to mate.James can’t get Selena  out of his head. Selena fights her attraction to James and investigates the threats to Ria.  James realizes Selena is his mate.

I like this book a lot.i like d the plot a lot. This was a quick and easy read. I liked the forbidden aspect of Selena’s and James feelings. I didn’t like Selena wasn’t suppose to be able to be with her mate. This just was a good story. I liked this story had a strong female and as a guard. I loved Selena and James together and rooted for them to find  a way to be together as mates are suppose to be. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.